Well I’ve surprised myself! I’ve had four trips to the gym this week and the weight is beginning to gradually come off.

It’s becoming much easier already. My breathing has improved and so has my stamina.

I’m doing a longer workout and building up a sweat.

I’ve also been doing a crash diet.

A lot of people say you shouldn’t do crash diets, so the answer it not to tell anyone – especially your female friends who seem to have an inbuilt jealous streak and don’t think that you should do anything to improve your appearance!

Here’s my Crash diet. I got it years ago from an Australian magazine.

The secret is, not to feel hungry. If you feel like eating, eat something! And obviously if you don’t feel 100%, stop it!

Drink as much liquid as you like, including skimmed milk.

DAY 1. Fruit. Not bananas though.

If you eat a bunch of grapes, and still feel peckish, have another bunch!

DAY 2. Vegetables.

Be creative. Make up a saucepan of curried vegetables, or a ratatouille.

DAY 3. Fruit and vegetables.

DAY 4. Just bananas; up to 9.

I put 4 or 5 in a litre of skimmed milk and blitz it to make a delicious banana milkshake, which lasts me all day.

DAY 5. Steak and a small potato.

You can also have a salad, fruit, etc.

DAY 6. Same as Day 5.

DAY 7. Rice.

Again, be creative. I add onion, herbs, a chopped tomato, ate and nibble from the saucepan all day.

The good thing about this diet is that every day is different, so you can always look forward to a change the following day. And it’s only for a week!

You will lose at lease half a stone, which will battle to go back on, so do be careful what you eat in the following weeks.