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If British pubs and French cafés are both places to have a drink and a snack with friends you can’t obviously take one for the other: the décor and the atmosphere are worlds apart. That’s what struck Paul Chantler an English student when he came to France to complete his MBA in the early 9O’s. He then decided to share with French people this major part of British culture: The Pub and its unique blend of beers, sports and friendliness. It only came as natural to call it “The FrogPub”!

To attract French customers he knew that he needed more than a cheap English décor, imported beers and fast-food burgers, and focused on quality produce. The first step was to create craft beers: homemade beers are made in vats set right in the restaurants or in a newly built brewery in a nearby Parisian suburb. It was a quick success and French as well as foreign beers-lovers drink one and a half million pints of beer each year in the FrogPubs. Every year about 30 brewers from the Frog Brewers’ Club concoct new recipes. All the beers are homemade and unpasteurized and many have names mixing English and French words: Inseine is a pale ale, Parislytic is a bitter ale, Dark de Triomphe is a dry stout… All made with fine quality malt and hops.

The second step was to serve good burgers and to do so they chose very good quality produce: the meat is selected by a renowned butcher working in Brittany, the bread is made by the Millers Bespoke Bakery in London where Marcus Miller has created a special recipe for the burgers’ buns, the cheese is a 8 months matured cheddar from Ireland… And the result fulfils their and our expectations! Since a few months you can also enjoy a genuine American BBQ: pulled pork, ribs, crispy Southern-fried chicken, smoked beef tacos or pastrami sandwiches, homemade coleslaw are now available on the menu served on plates big enough for two.

The FrogPubs are also a place to have fun “British style”: quizzes opposing teFrogPubs-Fritesjpgams of different nationalities, DJ-sets on weekends, football, rugby, car races, any excuse is a good excuse to have a great time. Children are not forgotten and a very special menu is waiting for them for only seven euros, the same menu is only three euros for Wednesdays” and Saturdays’ lunch.

Their last restaurant opening took place on October 23rd close to “Place de la Bastille” where a prisonfortress was destroyed by the French revolutionaries in 1789 and this is why it is named “FrogBurger Revolution”! It’s a good place to enjoy beers or cocktails, they have generously served Mojito, Margarita, Mai Tai… One is enough to get you in the mood to enjoy this Parisian lively district.

If you have a sweet tooth you can have one of their delicious cake and a hot drink from 3PM till 5PM every afternoon. The most difficult part of it will be to make your choice between the “Salted caramel cheesecake”, the “Chocolate stack with peanut butter”, the “Oreo stack”, the “Apple and caramel pie”… And it will only cost you 7 euros.

Last but not least all the waiters speak fluent English and seem to be happy to help. So when in Paris if you feel a little homesick you will be able to get some comfort in this unique British atmosphere made in France.

FrogPub “Revolution” 9 rue de la Bastille in the 4th district

There are several other addresses in Paris:

Frog & Rosbif: 116 rue St Denis in the 2nd district

Frog & British Library 114 Avenue de France in the 13th district

FrogBurger “St Michel”: 18 rue St Severin in the 5th district…


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