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People quite often tell me how much they enjoy my posts, so I know that they are being read, even though I rarely get any online comments. I wonder why that is? Don’t you have any questions? I will try my best to answer if you do.

Are there any aspects of drawing that you would like me to tackle? Or go into more deeply?

My New Year’s Resolution for 2014 was to post a blog every week, and I have managed it, more or less. It’s been fun and very interesting, as it made me think about how to explain in words a lot of the things I demonstrate in classes. I have had to distil my rambling notes into – I hope – readable snippets that are both interesting and useful. I have also opened my old sketch books for the first time in years, looking for drawn images to illustrate the blogs with. I have so many of them, dating back to my college days in the early 70’s and they have brought back many memories.

How about this one – I drew this from my hospital bed when I was about 21, after having a pretty serious op to remove my infected tonsils.

Hospital bed

Hospital bed

I have come to the conclusion that I have always been obsessed with drawing. I would love to infect a few people with that obsession too….  there is nothing to compare with the feeling of losing all connection to time and ‘real’ life and being totally absorbed in the lines that magically appear. It is, I realise now, akin to meditation as it generates healthy alpha waves. Worries all switch off and all that matters is the careful study of something outside yourself that you can translate into a different manifestation. The act of creation is thrilling, even if the results aren’t always perfect. If it was easy to draw perfectly every time then there would be no challenge, no reason to practice and try until you make drawings you can be proud of.

What to draw? Draw anything and everything. Complicated things are somehow easier than seemingly simple ones, as there are more ‘hooks’ to get you hooked. And yes, that’s it, drawing is addictive. I’m definitely hooked, and I’m a pusher too.