You’ve probably heard of “the Egyptian Sphinx mystery”?sphinx3

And I’m going to share with you some fascinating secrets
about its true age.

So how old is the Sphinx – really?

On the plateau of Giza west of Cairo, Egypt, sits the
Great Sphinx of Giza, a statue 240 feet long, with a
lion’s body and a human head wearing the headdress of the


It is surrounded by desert sand. But there’s evidence of

Erosion by wind-borne sand? No. By WATER!

The edges of the rock are rounded. And there are
apparently deep fissures in the rock.

The impressions on the stones are not horizontal, as would
be caused by sand and wind (like the pyramids in the area);
instead, they are vertical.

This suggests that the Sphinx has been subjected to heavy

The erosion is stronger on the upper parts of the Sphinx
and its enclosure walls than around the base.

This erosion of these “upper” surfaces exhibits a pattern
of weathering commonly associated with exposure to
rainwater run-off.

There is a rolling and undulating vertical profile, with
many vertical and sloping channels where joints in the
bedrock have been opened up.

French scholar R. A. Schwaller, independent Egyptologist
John West, and geologist Robert Schoch examined it.

Schoch contrasted this situation at the Sphinx with the
state of weathering seen at other rock-cut features of
the Giza Plateau.

For example, in various Old Kingdom tombs, erosion bysphinx2
windblown sand has picked out areas of poorer quality rock,
but has left the anciently cut facades and doorways not
markedly damaged.

But the highly rounded weathering on the Sphinx and its
enclosure indicates the action of rainwater over a long


You ask, could the erosion have been caused by the Nile
flooding and washing around the Sphinx at some remote time?

The answer is that to erode the monument up to its neck
would have required floods of twenty meters or more over
the Nile Valley. No, if thiswas erosion by water, then it
had to be rainwater.


Do you know, there is good evidence that Egypt experienced
very heavy rainfall in the earliest period.

According to popular view, the transition from ice age to
the present desert environment took place between 10,000
and 3000 BC.

Then rainfall tapered off to its current level of about
20 cm per year by about 2200 BC.


So if we must go back 9,000 years for sufficient
precipitation to cause this pattern of rainfall erosion
on limestone, thought West and Schoch, then the Sphinx must
have been constructed either during or before this transition
– say, 7000 BC.

That meant, it could be twice as old as “officially” claimed.

OR 10,500 BC?

Enter Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock. These two writers
believe that the Sphinx was built not around 2500 BC…
not in 7000 BC… but in 10,500 B.C.

According to their theory, the stars of the Belt of Orion
and Leo the Lion, as arranged in the sky, almost match the
positions of the pyramids of Giza. And they believe that the
time when the pyramids were in perfect alignment with the
Belt of Orion was when it was at its lowest point, in 10,450

They believe the Sphinx was probably built during this time.

Of course, however attractive this may sound, it is a theory
not proven. I’m sorry, but there is no stable background of
FACT to support 10,500 B.C.

As much as we might wish it to be, attempts to establish vast
ages for civilizations on the basis of astronomical data, must
fail – for the simple reason that the earth was violently
tipped off its axis in 2345 BC.

The locations of the stars as seen from every fixed point on
earth were radically altered.

So you cannot count back using earth’s present stability as
a reference point. To claim that you can is wishful thinking.


The 10,500 BC and 7000 BC theories are rejected by other
scientists for several reasons:

1. There is no evidence of an Egyptian civilization so

2. Architectural evidence dates the Sphinx to around the
same time as the nearby Pyramid of Khafra. And that
pyramid may now be dated to 2144 BC. (See my recent book
The Corpse Came Back, p.251)

(a) Khafra had four twenty-six foot long sphinxes
constructed. Two were in front of each entrance to his
Valley Temple. A drainage channel from the causeway
to Khafra’s pyramid empties into the Sphinx enclosure,
which presumably would have desecrated the enclosure
if it had already existed.

(b) The center court of the Sphinx Temple is identical
to the center court in Khafra’s Mortuary Temple
adjacent to his pyramid.

(c) The core blocks of the Sphinx Temple match some
of the strata of bedrock in the Sphinx enclosure and
show that the Temple was built as the enclosure was
being excavated. It may be inferred that if other
Khafra structures and the Sphinx Temple dated to
the same time, then the excavation of the Sphinx
itself dated to that time as well.

3. The Sphinx, a rapidly weathering structure, appears
older than it is.

4. Subsurface water drainage (periodic wetting of the
limestone by water-saturated sand) or Nile flooding could
have produced the pattern of erosion. The water in the
surrounding sand would have been drawn up to elevations
higher than flood levels due to capillary action. (The
Sphinx and Valley temples have been covered by sand for
most of the time of their existence.)

5. There are thought to be two reasons why the erosion of
the higher elevated Giza Pyramids is different from the
erosion of the less lower altitude Sphinx:

(a) The Nile floods were partly the source of the flood
water filling the Sphinx enclosure (which is lower than
the pyramids).

(b) If the Sphinx erosion was caused by rainfall 7000
years ago and if the other structures in the Giza
Plateau (built 4000 years ago) show normal wind based
erosion, why didn’t the weathering by wind destroy the
older water-based weathering? (You must admit, that’s
good logic!)

6. The Sphinx is believed to resemble Khafre, the pharaoh
who built one of the nearby pyramids of Giza. He lived
not too long before 2000 BC.

It has also been suggested that weathering on the Sphinx
depends more on the properties of the rock itself. The
middle layer of the Sphinx shows the most erosion because
it is made of more porous limestone.

The pores of the rock being larger, they invite a process
called “salt crystallization”.

This occurs when morning moisture condenses on and in the
rock, dissolving the natural salt present in the rock.

During the day, this moisture evaporates. The salt
crystallizes then  presses against the pore walls.

This process generally weakens the rock and enlarges
pre-existing fissures.


The climate of Egypt right up to 2000 BC was RAIN… RAIN…

Plant and animal species depicted in the early tomb
paintings show that the weather of Egypt was then wetter
than it is now.

Yes, it did rain in the Old Kingdom, more than today.

I shall now toss a cat among the pigeons. There is
startling new evidence that Egypt did NOT spring up UNTIL
AFTER the Great Flood of 2345 BC.

That’s right! There’s been a massive dating mistake! (But
that’s for another time.)

And the transition from ice age to the present desert
environment did NOT take place between 10,000 and 3000 BC,
but as recently as 2250 to 2000 BC.

And around 2200 BC Menes (Mizraim) and his followers arrived,
embanked the Nile and established the Egyptian civilization.

That’s when the pyramids and the Sphinx were built!

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