“Lady Blue” was moored at the jetty.  Safely, as ever.  The river
currents were gentle.  Always calm.

But tonight there was fear in the air.  The earth was still shaking.
This had never happened before. All day this had been going on.

Lightning was still leaping from earth to sky.  There was a fiendish
crackling.  Scary.

Throughout the country, top scientists were being asked, “What does
it mean?  Could old Noah Lamechson be right, after all?”

The experts, true to character, spoke soothingly to the public,
“Yes, it is unusual. But there’s quite a plausible explanation; in
fact, we’re having a high level conference about it tomorrow.”

Twenty-eight days later, the world was dead.

Rain was pouring, blowing and crashing from the heavens.  Volcanoes
expelled deadly fumes.   Skyscraper-high waves, whipped up by
screaming hurricanes, clawed at the mountains.

“Lady Blue”, her mast ripped off, was being rocketed forever under
water, in a fast-moving current of suspended mud and sand.

This was “Lady Blue’s” first and last voyage under the earth.

She stopped suddenly.  The rubble continued to pile above her.

Recently she was found – fossilised.  Miners ran into her, as they
dug deep inside the earth. I’ll mention that discovery again soon.


The buried remains of large, well-formed boats or ships, have been
found in a number of places, actually – either in solid stone or at
remarkable depths underground.

In Switzerland, for example. (Switzerland:  B. Fregoso, De dictis
factisqi Memorabilibus Collectanea. Medoliani, 1509, np)

Also in Russia. (P.J. Strahlenberg, A historico-description of the
northern part of North and Eastern Europe and Asia.  London, 1738,
462 pp; see p.405)

And in Africa. (General Literature and Miscellaneous Communications:
no 17 “Ship discovered in the Earth in Africa”, 1818, QJI Lit Sci
Arts Lond, vol. v, p.150)

The Swiss discovery occurred in 1460 when miners were digging for
metals in the canton of Berne.

The ship was buried 100 feet deep inside the mountain.  They also
unearthed an anchor of iron.

But what horrified these miners more than anything else was the
bizarre sight among the ship’s timbers of the bones and skulls of
forty men.


You know, as humans we are notoriously skeptical of warnings. It
seems we have an ingrained reluctance to believe messengers of doom,
as we like to call them.

Can you imagine the uproarious laughter when that crazy eccentric
Noah Lamechson first told his fellow citizens that he was preparing
a survival vessel?

And why? Because there was soon to be global destruction  – by

“Oh, come off it!” Can you hear the scientific gurus mocking?
“Everyone knows there’s not enough water on earth to do that.”

“Anyway, we have boats,” you hear others soothing their peers.  “We
can save ourselves.”


And then it happened.

The tilting of the planet’s axis occurred suddenly, bringing
terrific stresses upon the earth’s surface, enough to shatter and
dislocate it beyond description.  The whole globe shuddered.

Whatever the catalyst, it was of TITANIC POWER.

The same external force that tipped the earth over, generated high
speed ultra-vibrations within the earth.  It disrupted the designed
balance within the earth, unleashing a literal thermonuclear meltdown.

Huge amounts of water were encased under the earth’s granite crust.
Now this water began heating rapidly, the heat adding to pressure,
which added to heat, and more pressure.  And in a matter of minutes
something had to give.

The pressure build-up became enormous. And the earth’s granite crust

The waters, under super-pressure, began to rip the earth apart at
the seams.


At first, there appeared a microscopic crack, which grew in both

At the speed of about 2½ miles a second, following the path of least
resistance, the crack began to move around the earth. It encircled
the globe in about eight minutes.

Under great pressure, other cracks were opening up.  As these great
cracks joined, fire spat out of the earth.

In these brief eight minutes the earth was ripped into continents.
They were not separated at this time, but simply ripped apart at the

Eruptions would have begun where the granite crust was thinner,
probably in the Pacific area.


With the sudden rupture of the granite crust, the stresses and
friction would have been enormous.

The tilting of the earth’s axis generated a devastating earthquake.

The original extent of this “great deep” is indicated by the depth
of the disturbed layers of the earth today.  The earth’s stratified
layers are, on average, about half a mile (one kilometre) deep.

Some oil fields which have filled these basins have a depth of over
3 miles, while the deepest sediment filling these holes has been
measured at 10 miles (16 kilometres).

These basins, before the Big Event, were filled with vast amounts of


The earth is believed to have had an enveloping canopy, just as Venus
and Jupiter do today. This canopy (transparent, in this case) shielded
the earth from deadly comic rays, as well as moderating a sub-tropical
climate from pole to pole.

Now, with the radioactive balance under the earth disturbed, violent
energy was released.  Vast amounts of water were suddenly heated to
over 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Under enormous pressure, the water exploded through the granite crust.
It was expelled at such force that narrow jets shot 70 miles into the

The first hot jets of water would have shot against the canopy.  They
ripped open holes or windows in the canopy.  As the book of Genesis
puts it, “the windows of heaven were opened.”

The sides of those holes began to collapse.

Soon the entire outer canopy began to disintegrate.

The result:  sudden, violent temperature changes.  In certain areas,
due to the lines of force at the earth’s magnetic poles, the canopy
would disintegrate as blocks of ice.  But universally it would descend
as rain.

The collapsing canopy poured down in such volume and force, the result
was disastrous.  This condensing mass of extra water made it possible
for torrential rain to fall continuously over the entire earth for
six weeks non-stop.

It was at this time that these waters entered our present oceans.

And since the daily rotation of the earth was now disturbed, the
planet’s waters were set into excessive tidal action.  Moved by
inertia, tidal waves rushed up over the land.

The water that would soon cover the earth was coming from three
* the underground basins
* the firmament canopy
* and thousands of new volcanoes


So, as the Deluge sweeps over the land, some head out to sea, to
escape the carnage.

But – BIG surprise – they are overwhelmed. And the weight of a
mountain is piled over them.

And now to Naples, Italy.  In the 16th century, after an earthquake
split open a mountain, another large ship was found – again, inside
the mountain.

Now down to Peru, in South America.  About the year 1540, near Callao,
Spanish miners were following a vein of gold and silver.

And there, deep underground, they were startled to come upon an
ancient ship. (P. Cieza de Leon, La Cronica del Peru: Part One.
Seville, 1553, pp. xxxii and 367)

Ovid likewise speaks of ancient ship anchors found on the tops of
the highest mountains.

I have seen some myself, at thousands of feet above sea level. It’s
absolutely true!

Well, it is probably needless to say that if such a devastating event
DID occur in our past, then all our conceptions of the history of this
earth will have to be revised.

The fact is, there are racial legends worldwide, concerning such an
event, in which the stark terror of men and women still lives on… the
screams as they stampede to higher ground… and a single, small group
of survivors, who repopulate the planet.

This is the most widespread and deeply rooted tradition on earth.

These global traditions make it crystal-clear that this Great Deluge
was no mere Mesopotamian flood.

As many a scientific researcher has found, legends tend to be based on
a core of fact.  Many an archaeological find has been made from the
clues found in such legends.

But it’s not only racial memory. Geological, paleontological and
archaeological evidence for this event is embarrassingly abundant.

Could our present scientific establishment be wrong?  Could there
really have been such a cosmic global disaster as the Great Flood?
And was this re-shaping event far greater than we can ever

To discover the blow-by-blow secrets of this astonishing,
earth-changing event, here’s where to go:

So there you are. Now that will throw a cat among the pigeons!

Best wishes,
Jonathan Gray

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