In the film making circles ‘making of a cinema’ has gained immense popularity. Film buffs are curious to know the film making journey of a particular cinema that they are interested in. The ‘behind the scene’ anecdotes, goof ups and the issues that the crew went through during the ‘making’, attracts public attention.


On similar lines, I would love to share with the world about the ‘Making of ‘Spirit of Mumbai’- a table top calendar that my organization Mind Matterz (A Psychological Guidance Unit) has recently released. It may sound like just another corporate calendar being released, but there is a deeper meaning attached to the calendar then just aiming organizational promotions.

Since my teenage, I was always fascinated with the power of inspiring the world through various artistic mediums. Later, in the process of pursuing a professional degree in Psychology, I realized the value of mindfulness that art imbibes on human psyche. This year, when my professional practise as a Psychologist is entering its 10th year, I decided to kick start the celebration with something that was always close to my heart! Since long, the concept of creating positive vibes with the help of photographs and positive affirmations always played in my mind. Once, in a casual conversation over coffee, my friend Tanvi Tavsalkar suggested and encouraged me to feature my original photographs, which I click on travel trips as an amateur.   The brainstorming that followed, led to a wonderful conclusion of blending multiple artistic elements like colours, positive affirmations and original photographs of passionate artists who would volunteer for the project along with me. Thus the table top calendar idea was born! too has a subtle, but significant role in the making of the Calendar! Since early last year, my association with this England based magazine led me to explore my hometown- Mumbai. Here is a link that features all my articles:

Lyn Funnell, the magazine’s editor, used to timely inform me about the popularity that my fortnightly diary, titled ‘Mumbai Memoir’, was gaining worldwide! This further inspired me to write and stock maximum photographs about Mumbai. Aditya Chichkar, a Sound Engineer by profession and a passionate photographer (Instagram id: #adichichu16), later teamed up with me to click specific Mumbai photographs that helped us jointly showcase the raw beauty and character of our hometown to the world.


By November 2014, inspired by the resilience of our hometown, my organization finalized the theme of our calendar and titled it ‘Spirit of Mumbai’. 12 photographs from my Mumbai Memoir articles were accordingly shortlisted. I then ‘cherry picked’ 12 motivational quotes in context of the photographs which would serve as positive affirmations to all who wish to seek an optimistic boost in life.

Through the calendar we want the world to know about Mumbai’s ‘never say die’ attitude and its resilience that reflects from the overall feel of the calendar. The introduction page photograph was contributed by Manjiri Chandorkar. Manjiri has her own studio in Mumbai named Art Ideaz. Her artwork involves a lot of research and application of unique art forms that appeal both, the classes as well as the masses. For glimpses of Manjiri’s art work please visit: . Last but not the least, the calendar’s graphic designer and print co-ordinator, Vaishali Varaskar-Kadam ( & Ashwini Makwana ( poured their respective efforts to transform the calendar dream into reality!


Finally on the auspicious Makar Sankrant day (14th January’2015), when the Sun enters the northern hemisphere, we released the calendar. The release date had deep symbolism associated to it. We believe that the mind is like the Sun. The brighter it glows, the less will be the darkness around. Depression is like darkness and a mind shining with optimism will always make way for good times to arrive.


We also made a Youtube video to promote the calendar so that we could reach the world swiftly. Here’s the video link:

It is an art piece blended with a calendar and the costing too is affordable for everyone. Rs. 350/- (India), 8 Pounds (U.K) and 10 $ (U.S.A) (Postal charges extra). We are receiving positive feedback from our patrons, who inform us that they strongly support our idea of channelizing 10% total calendar sales amount to social causes. For placing order/s or just to convey your support please email me at


Since its establishment, Mind Matterz has been actively practicing philanthropy and, as of now, has been micro financing projects related to Education, Health (both, physical and mental health) and Media.


Well, we all are going through something at all times, both positives and negatives. Little do we know now, that whatever we are experiencing today is going to serve as building blocks of our tomorrow! Just the way I didn’t know, when I started, that writing for would lead me to the release of our calendar- ‘Spirit of Mumbai!’


Life is like that, as Steve Jobs once quoted, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”



Photos and Captions:

The cover page of Mind Matterz’s Calendar 2015 titled- ‘Spirit of Mumbai’

Calendar introduction expressing the purpose of the project.

Calendar Glimpses- February 2015.

Calendar Glimpses- June 2015

Calendar Glimpses- August 2015

Calendar Glimpses- December 2015.

Artist profile and credits.

‘Spirit of Mumbai’ Calendar 2015- All set to inspire the world!