1. Brits always carry a jacket or a wrap ‘in case it gets a bit chilly later.’
  2. Brits always wipe their feet when they go into hotels or restaurants.
  3. Brits always try to finish all their food/drinks, even when they’re full up.
  4. Brits always try to be comedians and the locals laugh politely, even though they haven’t the faintest idea what they’re talking about!
  5. Brits wear clothes that they wouldn’t be seen dead in, back in the UK. The women dress up like mutton dressed as lamb, and the men dress down, wearing scruffy outfits; screwed-up t-shirts and faded shorts, often with half an unidentified tattoo peeping out on their white, hairless leg.
  6. Brits expect their glass filled up to the top, even when it’s explained to them that there’s a mark round the rim. They stare hopefully at the glass as the barman/waiter fills it.brit
  7. Brits believe everything they’re told. I’ve heard some guides talk some right rubbish and even lying propaganda, and the Brits nod innocently and quote them later.
  8. Brits walk round with a permanent silly grin on their faces and nod or talk to everyone, even though they ignore all their neighbours in the UK.
  9. Brits always talk about the weather, but it’s never quite right for them, eg, ‘Lovely day, but it’s too hot for me though,’ ‘Shame about the flies, mosquitos, wind blowing the sand around.’
  10. Brits must have their plates heated, even though they’re in a hot climate and sweating profusely. It takes the Tour Operators ages to convince hotels, restaurants, etc that this isn’t a silly British joke!brit2


There’s much more to follow. We really are a unique race!

Do feel free to add your Comments, especially if you live abroad!