Costa cruise 267 (Medium)

  1. I loved my first sight of the white Leaning Tower, Cathedral and the Baptistery as I walked through the archway. It’s one of the most stunning sights in the world, like stepping back in time. I defy you not to say ‘WOW!’Costa cruise 257 (Medium)
  2. I loved the tourists all posing as though they were holding up the Tower.
  3. I loved how everyone avoided walking under the area where the Tower leans, as though they thought it would finally fall, on top of them! It actually tilts a maximum of 12ft 10ins at its highest point.Costa cruise 247 (Medium)
  4. I loved the little trains that carry the tourists to the tourist area as parking is mega-expensive; around 300 euros a day for a coach!
  5. I loved the journey to Carrara afterwards, travelling over the Arno River and passing through lovely Italian countryside.Costa cruise 276 (Medium)
  6. I loved the interesting fact that marble, sodium potassium, is used in a lot of products like food and cosmetics. It is said that everyone in the world has eaten a bit of marble! I wonder what colour mine was?
  7. I loved passing all the marble workshops and warehouses. It’s a very successful business and has been for centuries. Although their stock is worth a lot, nobody ever steals any as it’s so heavy!Costa cruise 294 (Medium)
  8. I loved seeing 45 different colours of marble from the quarries, ranging from white, pink, green, to black. How on earth did Mother Nature manage that?!!
  9. I loved the massive rectangular hole up the sheer mountain where Michaelangelo chose his block of marble to carve his statue of David. It weighed tons. How did they get it down from there in one piece, and transport it to his workshop?Costa cruise 319 (Medium)
  10. I loved the gift shop. Their prices are very reasonable so that everyone can afford a souvenir. I bought a black dice. They also gave us all free glasses of local wine.

One thing that worried me was the enormous hospital towering over the small town below. It was obvious that there were a lot of accidents in the quarries, plus lung diseases due to the permanent dusty atmosphere. I would have liked to have spent some time walking round the town. But it was a very interesting trip.