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Miniatura’s Autumn Disappointment


Photographs by Rob Tysall.


Ann Evans brings the latest news for miniature fans.


Pic Toppling books by Kastle Kelm Miniatures
Toppling books by Kastle Kelm Miniatures

It’s another disappointment for dolls house fans as the UK’s top dolls house miniatures show is forced to cancel its second event of the year due to Covid 19 restrictions.

Recently, the Government announced that public events such as exhibitions could start again from 1st October. However, the Miniatura Autumn Show was scheduled for the last weekend in September – a  week before the official date for such public events to begin again. See our article of 13 July, https://b-c-ing-u.com/art/miniaturas-little-peep-into-the-future/

Earlier this year, as Coronavirus began to take hold of the nation and beyond, Miniatura cancelled its Spring Show. The hope was to run the Autumn Show at the end of September but unfortunately that too has now had to be cancelled.


Pic Miniature books by Ellie de Lacy
Miniature books by Ellie de Lacy

Throughout the long months of uncertainty, Organiser Andy Hopwood has kept in close contact with all of the exhibitors. Now forced to cancel the Autumn Show he said, “This is a particularly heavy blow as we have put in so much extra work in preparation for 2020. Supporting and protecting the livelihoods of craftspeople has always been our mission and it always will be. It has been heart-warming to see that the feeling is mutual. We appreciate all the messages of support from exhibitors and visitors. We wanted to give everyone an enjoyable event, but it appears more and more likely that the rest of 2020 will be affected by social distancing.”


Pic Beith Miniatures
 Beith Miniatures

So for now the Miniatura team will be putting all their energies into the following projects:
Miniatura Online – All year round – All over the world
Spring 2021 – March 20th & 21st – NEC Birmingham
Autumn 2021 – October 2nd & 3rd – Stoneleigh NAEC


Pic Cinderella Mode in Miniature
 Cinderella Mode in Miniature


Miniatura, which was founded by Bob and Muriel Hopwood in 1983, brings together the very best miniaturists from all around the world. These brilliant artisans create unbelievably realistic replicas of everyday items – food, furniture, lighting, paintings and so much more. Plus of course, the character figures who inhabit these miniature dwelling places from castles to country cottages, all scaled down to 1/12th, 1/24th, 1/48th and even smaller.

Pic 5.

Pic Masters Miniatures and figure by Enchanted Dolls
Masters Miniatures and figure by Enchanted Dolls

For almost 40 years, Miniatura has been the highlight of the year for dolls house fans. Great friendships have developed through the network of people who collect and make miniatures, as hobbies and cottage industries. The shows themselves always have a wonderful atmosphere as people of all ages – men, women and children eagerly catch up with what their favourite craftsperson has been making.

For now those friendships and the buying and selling of miniatures has to continue online and through social media. So, keep an eye on the Miniatura website and Facebook pages for further news, and if you would like to exhibit at the forthcoming shows or be part of Miniatura Online, contact Andy Hopwood for details.






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