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“Good France”, when French food sweeps the world


By Annick Dournes & Frédéric de Poligny



After a 2020′ missed appointment “Good France” is back for a 6th edition in 2021. Organised by France and its embassies throughout the world, these celebrations will showcase its cultural and culinary heritage. From 14 to 22 October all kinds of events will be waiting for all gourmets.


Good France” is a free translation of “Goût de France” that really means “Taste of France”. “Good France/ Goût de France“… an easy pun and not a very good one… French cuisine was recognised by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity eleven years ago and “Good France” was created 3 years later to promote this specific French art-de-vivre. It’s true that French people love to eat and can spend several hours enjoying a good meal with family and friends, drinking French wines and talking about… food! Most of us are true food-addicts and proud of our cuisine.


Each year “Good France” celebrates one of France’s regions. This year the Centre-Loire Valley region has the place of honour. The Loire Valley was made famous by the French kings of the Renaissance who built on the river’s banks wonderful chateaux such as Chambord, Amboise or Chenonceau. For centuries the Loire Valley has been shaping an exceptional way of life and its gastronomy is an ode to its fertile lands, its forests well stocked with game and its rivers where fish abound. During the “Good France” week, chefs from the Loire Valley led by Michelin 2-star chef Christophe Hay will travel the world to introduce foreigners to this iconic heritage.


Many chefs around the world have taken up the challenge and will make special “French” menus in their restaurants. No need to be a stared chef to be part of the event and everyone can participate. But they need to follow the rules of a “French dinner”. This includes a 4-stage menu with starter, main course, cheese and dessert preceded by a drink with snacks. And of course French wines are to be expected! Other food events will take place in more unusual places such as cellars, cheese shops, farmer’ markets or even theatres. French embassies in 150 different countries will organise special events and festivities highlighting all kinds of produce from the Loire Valley. Even cooking schools in many countries will welcome local guests to promote their “savoir-faire”.


For more information about these events in your homeland you need to visit the website of the French embassy in your country where the program should be available. While it’s still is complicated to travel abroad this year you will thus be able to enjoy a little piece of France just next door!