Gratin is the name of any dish that is topped with cheese, breadcrumbs, or a mixture of them both.

It’s a very cheap, versatile dish that nearly always turns out to be a great success!

Here is my concoction that I made a few days ago to use up some ingredients.

You don’t need exact amounts. You may need an extra potato, tomatoes, etc to fill the gaps.

Cheese, grated

Onion, chopped.

Potatoes, thinly sliced.

Tomatoes, thinly sliced.

Mushrooms, sliced.



You could also use sweet potato, aubergines, courgettes, pumpkin, ham, peas & sweetcorn.

Thickly grease a casserole dish with marge or olive oil.

Start with a layer of potatoes, then add onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, seasoning, a sprinkling of parsley, cheese, then potatoes again.

Build up the layers, finishing with potatoes. Dot with marge, season, then top with cheese, or cheese and breadcrumbs mixed.

If you like, you could cover it with mashed potato on the top layer.

Cover with the casserole lid or tinfoil.

Bake in the oven at less than 180C. You can go as low as 160C, for 1-2 hours.

The slower & longer you cook it, the softer it gets and the juices blend all through it.

It will sit in the oven at a low temperature until needed if you need to delay your dinner.

I served mine with roast chicken, but you could serve it with a pork chop, fish, or on its own.