Churchill Arms London

As some of you may know I haven’t ventured into the big city for about four years, but when I knew I good friend of mine was over from Spain, I had just had to meet up.  Thankfully the weather was good, but I did wonder about the trains – well our railway together with a new timetable has not been nicknamed ‘Southern Fail’ for nothing!


When the train arrived on time I took this as an omen for good day, and I was not wrong as the train pulled into Victoria station just five minutes late.  The journey across the concourse was another story as I tried to dodge passengers who appeared to all be moving in different directions, pulling cases or swinging around with over-loaded rucksacks on their backs.  Eventually I made it to the underground and on to a train heading for Notting Hill a short distance from where I was meeting my friend at the Churchill Arms in Church Street Kensington.

Thai food at the Churchill arm

The outside of the pub has a delightful array of flowers outside and cannot be missed.  It was great to meet up and with endless news to catch up on we sat down to a delicious Thai lunch – very reasonable for Kensington and one that I would thoroughly recommend if you are in the area.   All too soon it was time to depart and I felt I couldn’t face another underground journey so opted for the number 52 bus to take us back to Victoria, and three cheers to the kind man on the gate at Victoria who opened the wide gate for me to get through to board the train, caught with only five minutes to spare.

Thai food at the Churchill arms

Unfortunately, either because it was a hot day or the trip to London but I felt ill on the train. I struggled to the nearest toilet only to find it blocked, so went on to the next one, which again was blocked, so made my way back to me seat and travelled down the carriage only to find yet another blocked toilet. When the ticket collector came around I felt compelled to report it, only to be told if one was blocked I should go on to next one!  Despite this mishap I thoroughly enjoyed the day and felt was an achieved something and who knows where my next trip will take me.

Menu Churchill arms

Two days later I took myself off on the bus to Bognor Regis and had yet another lunch and natter with a dear friend – I am fast becoming the lady who lunches!  The cafeteria was noisy, yes, those holidaying in Butlins were out in force, so we made our way to the Regis Centre to continue our natter over a coffee, and on the way bumped into the local town crier looking very regal in her purple outfit on her way into the town to rustle up some people to attend the 2018 book day at Hotham Park.  This year they celebrated the works of children’s writer Julia Donaldson with an art workshop making a giant collage as well as a make and take workshop.  We were told there would be a mobile climbing wall, as well as a funky play bus converted into a soft play, a book swap and story-telling on the bandstand, and ideal way to entertain children during the holiday break.  Actually, we are very lucky on the south coast as there is always something to do for young and old.