Well anti ageing is one of those industries that has thrived on women’s insecurities for years. The allure of pots of cream and lotions and potions promising youthful skin by morning have never really lost their appeal and whilst the words ‘anti ageing’ may be out of vogue the terms renewal, radiance, regeneration, plumpness and skin glow now dominate the promotions of the beauty industry.  Whilst none of us want to look like a well-worn, un-ironed pillowcase,  many of the age-defying creams promoted are simply not going to offer an effective solution to holding back the years or at least giving the appearance of doing so?

It seems effective anti-ageing may not be at the bottom of a pot of Pond’s Cold Cream or even at the bottom of an expensive pot of La Prairie Skin Caviar, instead anti-ageing is down to good skin care, healthy diet and according to Yoga instructor and Emotional Detox Expert Patricia Caet-Hicks letting go of negative emotions and harnessing the power of Reiki.

iStockIt seems common sense to me that no matter how much time, energy and money you spend on your skin care regime, if you’re not supplementing it with a healthy diet and lifestyle you’re dedication to skin care will not pay off because your skin is of course a reflection of your overall well being. I know that sugar is often cited as being an anti-ageing super-villain, whereas foods such as avocado’s and blueberries are the superheroes, but I caught up with Patricia Caet-Hicks to ask what we can all do to slow down the wrinkles and start looking more radiant, after all there are only so many avocados you can eat in a day!

Patricia offers emotional detox coaching and treatments in Central London and said, ‘people are often surprised when I tell them I’m forty’, she attributes her youthful looks and health to her emotional detox and Reiki practices. The basic concept of emotional detox she explained is to ‘eliminate blockages in the body, which cause stress, illness and ageing’. She went on to explain that ‘just as the pores in skin can clog up if you don’t cleanse your skin effectively, if you don’t release negative and stagnant emotions from your body then meridian blockages occur and worsen and result in many symptoms, including that of ageing. ‘

iStockShe went to explain that whilst ageing is a natural and unstoppable process, ageing can be slowed down, saying, ”There are two types of ageing; natural ageing that just comes with the passing of time and  premature ageing due to some health dysfunction.’  She smiled and said, ”Many people look in the mirror and see a refection that displeases them and reach for anti-ageing products which at best will give a temporary effect, whilst others  will engage on health and fitness regimes, but for me the answer lies in letting go of negative emotions, keeping the energy flowing freely throughout the body and in Reiki’.


Reiki is a natural energy that has been linked to rejuvenation and part of the reason for this is its stress relieving properties. It is known that stress is a huge ageing factor, but how can Reiki help with stress and anti-ageing? Well, for those who are unfamiliar with the concept, Reiki is an ancient holistic therapy which is a form of energy healing that draws on  pure and divine light, channelling it through one person into another with help from the reiki lineage, notably Mikao Usui who gave the Reiki we know and recognise today its modality.  Patricia explains that ‘Reiki is a great healer that can also be used as part of your inner and outer radiance regime, if you are glowing on the inside your radiance will be visible’.

It is certain that Reiki has caught the headlines in recent years being promoted by celebrities and models for its health giving and anti-ageing properties. I’ve certainly taken on board some of what Patricia Caet-Hicks  has suggested and I may well ditch a few of face creams and avocados and try a spot of Reiki.

Patricia Caet-Hicks channels Reiki healing both during appointments, but also offers distance healing and offers Skype consultations. You can contact her via her Facebook page