There is nothing better than a hot drink and a lovely biscuit. A good cuppa deserves a good biscuit, but therein lies a problem, finding a good biscuit is a bit of a challenge. Today’s pallet seems to be getting sweeter and with it cookies are replacing the traditional biscuit and biscuits are getting sweeter and sweeter.

I personally love a biscuit that is not too sweet and is a good match for a cup of tea if dunked.  Yes, I know that dunking biscuits may not be the thing to do in polite company, but it is one of life’s great pleasures.

When perusing the biscuit aisle I noted that biscuits have changed, there seems to be less variety for the biscuit connoisseur. If you want cookies and chocolate coated then the biscuit aisle will not disappoint, but what about a gypsy cream or a arrowroot.   A Marie biscuit or a Lincoln biscuit is nowhere to be seen. Don’t get me wrong many of the classic biscuits such as rich tea, ginger nutsm custard creams and digestives survive and continue to flourish, but it seems some of our biscuits such as Abbey Crunch have come and gone without so much as a goodbye or the trace of a crumb.

Here is a look some biscuits that have left the biscuit tin for good:


In a striped, football- themed wrapper, United biscuits  were a regular visitor to the biscuit tin and were no stranger to the school break time. A rather plain biscuit was coated in a thick layer of chocolate which made for a popular and not overly sweet biscuit treat.


Gipsy Creams

These crunchy, fondant cream-filled biscuits were a delight with a hot and steaming cuppa. A biscuit that conjured up images of gypsy caravans, fortune telling and sitting by the campfire.  Indeed they carried with them a little gypsy magic and mystique.


Abbey Crunch

The Abbey Crunch is sadly discontinued, but these oaty rounds were once a must-have at respectable coffee mornings. They were genteel and the sort of biscuit you could offer your local vicar or mother-in-law.



Peek Frean’s Playbox biscuits came in a metal tin, and  were a simple biscuit that were coated with an impenetrable icing. Each biscuit was decorated with coloured icing and the image of a toy. They were once a nursery favourite and there has never been anything quite like them since.


Well, with all this talk of biscuits I’m off to raid the biscuit barrel and lament about why Digestives have become less wheaty and more sugary!