Now that I am finally out of the hospital with my baby boy, I have been able to see first hand the chaos that is referred to as panic buying as a result of the Coronavirus.

Whilst I’ve been in hospital with my little bundle my husband has been battling on the home front with our four daughters and whilst the store cupboard staples were in ready supply, shopping has not been his priority. So, when we came to do a spot of grocery shopping yesterday we were dismayed by the shambles that was the supermarket.

No soap, no sanitizer, no toilet rolls and hardly any bread, coffee, pasta or tinned products were to be found on the shelves. The car park was awash with people in a state of panic, not looking where they were walking or driving. Clearly people only had loo rolls on their mind and the thought of how many bags of rice they can stack in the spare bedroom.

As I wandered around the supermarket aisles and observed the frenzied buying spree of many individuals I couldn’t help wondering when rationing akin to that of the Second World War might be introduced.

It is certain that the supermarkets employing voluntary buying limits on items such as toilet rolls can do something towards limiting panic buying, but it cannot stop them doing a supermarket crawl and just buying the maximum amount of items from each store.

What I did notice is that whilst supplies of pasta, rice, noodles and beans were all thin on the ground there were plenty of dried pulses and  dried beans on the shelves. Perhaps it’s time for people to start thinking about frugal cooking and rather than stockpiling start exercising some food economy and meal planning.

I shall be continuing to prepare meals from scratch and I won’t be needing to fill my freezer with junk food or insulate the walls of my cottage with toilet roll, but I might brush off my ration book recipes though.