This week’s Welsh Witterings are written after a very long and busy weekend serving vegan and vegetarian cuisine at the World Yoga Festival. I am actually sat in a field writing this with a well earned cup of coffee.

I’d love to say that the weekend has been a great success, but that wouldn’t be strictly true. We have had our triumphs, albeit in the roaring success of my vegan brownies and cakes. My gluten free baking has also gone down a storm and we received some lovely feedback. The flip side of this is that I struggled to keep up with demand and need to scale up my operation and get a more organised set up.

I have really enjoyed being on the festival and have met some lovely people and tasted some amazing food. It has been early starts and late finishes and I must confess I am now dreaming of a hot bath and a warm bed, but I am buzzing with ideas and have yet again learned so much. It takes time to perfect these things and the best way of identifying what needs changing and addressing is by actually doing.

I am on another festival next weekend and hopefully I’ll manage to squeeze in time to implement some positive change for then and get some rest. Though I fear the rest may be a mere pipe dream.

My girls have really enjoyed themselves at The World Yoga Festival, they’ve done crafting, made new friends, had henna art on their hands, visited the glitter station daily and have watched a bubble show. Indeed my two eldest daughters are sad to be packing away and leaving as they have had such a wonderful time.

With aching feet and tired eyes, I will now with their help of my wonderfully practical husband pack up the stand and say goodbye to this festival until 2020.

Well, time for washing up and pack g the van so a fond fair well from Beale Park, Reading and the lovely World Yoga Festival.