Another year has passed and I am officially another year older, though I don’t think I’m any wiser.

I’m now at that stage where I no longer get excited or go out for my Birthday treat, but rather dream of five minutes peace and a bath without interruption. It’s funny to think back to my childhood parties; the excitement of running up and down my parents back garden with a marauding crowd of my friends, of my mums homemade peppermint sugar mice and of Birthday cakes expertly piped by my grandmother. The thrill and the wonder of getting another year older and of being the Birthday girl,  my how things change.

This year my Birthday wish will be to get my deadlines caught up with and maybe some nice new packaging items for my collection.  Indeed Birthday wishes change as now days a book off my wish list would more than suffice, though I wouldn’t mind one of those peppermint mice.

I’m delighted that my commercial kitchen is being fitted next week and that I must say is the best present ever. I’m so looking forward to some space and to baking, pickling and preserving in a dedicated space….it will be bliss.

Well, off for a quick cuppa before catching up on the deadlines.