We’ve had a lovely bat come into care this week from Bushbury Lane, Blackboys, which we think is a Whiskered Bat. They are fascinating creatures. This one managed to escape from the box it was delivered in and fly round our First Aid where it managed to disappear.  After a search we were able to find him hidden behind a box of gloves. It looks like he may have just been disturbed and dropped to the floor. He was observed for 24 hours and then taken back out for release.

A poor young pigeon has come into care from Heathfield covered in motor oil. Our care team spent a while cleaning his feathers to find a beautiful white pigeon underneath. With daily cleaning his feathers are getting whiter and brighter every day and he has been enjoying the warmth of one of our donated brooder with some seed and fresh water.

Our charity shop has now been open for 12 months and to celebrate its 1st anniversary we have a few special events and activities going on at the shop this weekend, including a special vintage section, homemade cakes, hidden hedgehog trail and many items on sale too. So pop down to 192 Terminus Road, Eastbourne, BN21 3BB.

I heard my first fireworks of the autumn this week.  It is much better for our wildlife to attend an organised events that people have smaller displays in their back gardens, this causes less wide spread disruption to our wildlife.  Organised events are normally in more open areas and away from trees, woodlands and hedgerows and gardens meaning our wildlife is generally safer.

Hedgehog from Hassocks

We have had a few more hedgehogs in this week, one from Hassocks has come in weighing 230grams an age where they should be following mum round. The finder monitored the youngster but there was no sign of mum on this occasion.  Another hedgehog has been admitted from Burgess Hill after a brave motorist stopped on the A23 to rescue the poor creature.

Can you spare any time to help as a volunteer rescuer or driver? East Sussex WRAS are having a Rescuer Recruitment Day on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th October at their Casualty Centre at Whitesmith. Just turn up at 12noon, 2pm, 4pm or 6pm to find out more. East Sussex WRAS, Unit 2 The Shaw Barn, A22, Whitesmith, East Sussex, BN8 6JD.

We had another upsetting deer rescue last week. A male roe deer was stuck in a stream unable to get up and out.  Rescuer Chris and I managed to catch the deer and stretcher it out and transport it to deer specialists at Chelwood Gate. Initially we hoped that it would be saveable, but sadly not.

Other rescues this week have included a pigeon which hit a window at Sainsbury Petrol Station at Hampden Park and a pigeon stuck down a basement area behind Nelson Coffee Company in Terminus Road Eastbourne.

Bat from Blackboys

We have had a few swan call-outs this past week. Rescuer Iain and I were called to the Lewes Railway Lands to check on a swan which had been in the same position for at least a week.  When we arrived the swan had a partner present, we observed for a short while but both were preening and stretching their wings and using their feet ok, and we suspect they are a new pair trying for the first time to establish a territory albeit not a very big territory!  Rescuer Keith was asked to attend Hampden Park after one of the cygnets was struggling to find its way back through the railings to the water. Now they are getting bigger they are starting to get themselves into bother more.  Rescuers have also attended at swan in Pevensey too.

A big thank you to Optimum Global Ltd who have raised £170 for WRAS as they chosen charity of the month.


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