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I invite you to come with me, now, on an adventure
you’ll never forget. What awaits you is an amazing journey
as you come face to face with a weird world of seemingly
endless questions…


You may have heard about those mysterious caves in the
Grand Canyon. First discovered in the 1800s, they contained
Egyptian-style artefacts.

Others have been exploring since. Robert Morgan has emailed
me concerning his visits.

caves4“In the past 20 years,” he says, “I have spent much time in the
caves in the Grand Canyon. One in particular, you need scuba
gear to make it through the first cavern filled body of water.

“This cavern is about a block long, and opens up into a very
large room which then branches off into several corridors.
Many petroglyphs await the explorer. It definitely appears to be
of the Egyptian period.

“There are many man made closed off corridors. What is behind
them? Our next trip to the Grand Canyon may reveal much about
the closed off corridors. If I make
it back, maybe I can enlighten you on what we found. The
exploring within the caves, is NOT FOR THE TIMID!”

There are many scary places on earth – unexplored, or partly
explored. And many long-lost secrets are re-surfacing.
So, [Name},…


I am ready to share some of these with you. But first, here is
a quiz for you…



*   Have you heard of the Chinese tomb that may be too
deadly to explore?

*   Did you get the news of the aluminium machinery
discovered deeply embedded in a coal mine?

*   And more ancient lamps still burning after hundreds of

*   Perpetual lamps inside tombs, which were destroyed by
robots in response to the opening of the tombs?

caves2*   Have you heard of the scary artificial caves in the
Grand Canyon?

*   Who, thousands of years ago, was able to manufacture
micro-filigree objects     – something we are only just
beginning to achieve?

*   See the ancient building stones in Russia that are the
largest ever discovered.

*   Did you know there have been more sightings of the
ancient Black Knight   satellite orbiting our planet?

*   Were you aware that a bullet killed an ancient Egyptian?

*   Have you heard about the explosive finds that have been
covered up?


*   What caused a Chinese fleet to be incinerated at sea?

*   Did Marco Polo visit North America 200 years before

*   What’s the real truth about Atlantis?

caves1*   Did ancient Egyptians bring cotton to America?

*   Would you like to read an actual letter penned by a
traveller 1,610 years ago?

*   Did you know that a well-organized postal system existed
4,000 years ago?

*   Was there really a nuclear war in America 2000 to
1000 BC?

*   Did you know that our music scales go back unchanged
4,000 years, almost to the time of old Noah?


*   Have you heard of the 12 foot human found deep down in
a coal mine?

*   And the digging that exposed giant human remains mixed
in with dinosaur remains?

*   Not to mention Klaus Dona’s announcement, “I have bones
of a 20 foot human giant.”

caves6*   Do flying dinosaurs (pterodactyls) still exist? What do you
make of these recent eyewitness reports?

*   Were you aware of the large systems of ancient tunnels
beneath each continent?

*   Did you know that some ancient tunnels run under the sea?
*   Have you heard of the underground cities in Spain, Turkey,
U.S.A. and Brazil?

*   Are any of the ancient tunnels or cities inhabited today?

*   Did you get the news about the six tunnel explorers who
suddenly dropped dead, all together at the same time?

*   Has anyone told you about the strange noises coming from
tunnels under Australia?

*   Would you like to know about the stone doors that have
snapped shut behind some tunnel explorers?

*   What causes ancient lights to automatically switch on or
off in some tunnels?

*   How old are these tunnels? Who built them?

*   Have you heard of the top secret underground cities being
built in U.S.A.? Would you like to know where they are?

*   How fast can modern tunnelling machines cut?

*   Were you aware of the thousands of “tunnel people” living
underground beneath the streets of major U.S. cities?


*   Has the Hebrew Exodus route really been found by

*   Why are tourists taken not only to a wrong mountain, but
also in the wrong country?

*   Jonah and the whale – true tale of a whale, or just a
whale of a tale?

*   Has the escape route from Solomon’s Temple to the Ark
of the Covenant’s secret cave now been found?

*   Did you know that some “elite” religious people have
joined atheists and witches to resist the news of five
major archaeological discoveries? What biblical finds
could unite spiritists, atheists and some “Christians”
to side together?

*   Hear about the mountain that moved in response to a

*   Discover the massive graveyard of an ancient Egyptian
army buried in coral.

*   What did an Israeli ex-intelligence agent confess?

*   Did you know that five laboratories tested the blood of
a man birthed by a virgin mother, and issued certificates
which have been separately and expertly authenticated?

*   Why did a group of would-be murderers ambush their
victim, then drop their weapons and let him walk through

*  Why have a succession of discovery attackers been dying


If you want to know the answers to these questions, and
discover other amazing facts, here is where to go:

Wishing you a good week,

Your archaeologist friend,
Jonathan Gray

If you have any questions, please email me at

International explorer, archaeologist and author
Jonathan Gray has traveled the world to gather data on
ancient mysteries. He has penetrated some largely
unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon
headwaters. The author has also led expeditions to the
bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and desert
regions of the world. He lectures internationally.

PLEASE NOTE: I always try to answer all email requests.
If you receive no reply it is because no person alive
sees emails addressed to

Please resend your question to (info@ – not info1@)
and I promise you an answer.

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