Do you know what’s great about traveling? Everywhere there is something else – another mentality of people, another style of architecture, another interesting history, and much more. Therefore, the tips for traveling to Greece are different.

Accommodation and food:
Yes, hotel complexes can be fine. All inclusive meal, pool and air conditioning. But the question is whether these complexes are exactly the same anywhere in the world? And no matter if you are in Egypt, Greece or Tunisia. How about trying to discover the world outside the complex? I personally recommend picking a family hotel away from crowds of tourists.The Greeks are incredibly nice and hospitable. Try searching the internet and you will surely find the right one. Furthermore, from my own experience I recommend not to have meals from the hotel for the whole day. You are then limited from traveling to excursions. Breakfast with dinner is ideal. Have lunch at local taverns from local people. Not only does it make you delicious meals, but more or less they always give you something extra. I have not found anywhere else in such a willing people. Sample traditional dishes such as baklava, musaka and tzatziki.

Here it depends on age. If you are over 22 years of age, they will rent you a car. Still, you have not won. Greeks are terrible drivers. If you are not a good driver, it’s not much for you. In addition to the human factor, there are also very winding, narrow paths. If you are under 22, you can also rent your car. But there will be no insurance so you will pay for any accident. I do not recommend. At all. Even if you are good driver. Besides the car there is the possibility to travel to the surrounding towns by bus. Even this ride can be quite wild. Water was dripping from the ceiling even when it did not rain, people sometimes sat on the ground or, on the contrary, were not taken on board because of a large number of people. The driver sometimes did not stop at the stop. Drivers honk at each other in greeting. It is quite expensive for me. But if you do not rent a car, it’s a good alternative.

Free time activities
As everywhere, there is a wide range of options for spending leisure time. In addition to sightseeing, we enjoyed a boat trip called catamarans. You are going to the net on the bow of the ship, swinging with you by the magnitude of the waves. Tavern visits were another popular activity. Do not be afraid to ask local people what’s happening. They give a few times better tips than the internet itself!