Today we shall explore the Great Pit Mystery.

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Below the desert, at Sakkara, Egypt, my wife Josephine
and I penetrated some ancient tunnels more than 100 feet
deep under the sand. They are not open to the public yet –
if they ever will be.sakkara6

And above these subterranean passages a series of extremely
large pits extended deep into the earth – perhaps 60 feet by
40 feet, by 100 feet deep – much larger than any burial

Later, pointing to one of the pits, I asked a guide, “What do
you think this is?”  He replied, “Oh that was a tomb!” (to
bury someone in, of course!)

Bless his heart, but he was mistaken. These were not built as
tombs.  If they were, they would have been constructed
underground and they certainly would not have been so
incredibly large.

These massive structures extend to well above ground
level, which indicates that they were not hidden, as were
tombs.  Because the ancient Egyptians buried their dead
with so much valuable material and provisions for their
“afterlife”, plundering of tombs was always their biggest

Therefore, we know that these massive pits had another

Also, in the cities of other ancient civilisations,
whenever large bins such as these were uncovered, they
were recognised as “storage bins”, but in Egypt, the
scholars tend to term everything they find a “tomb”.


There is a biblical account of Joseph, a foreigner
appointed by the Pharaoh, who directed the gathering and
storing of grain throughout Egypt, in preparation for a
7 year famine.

And who, during the famine, gave the orders for the
distribution of the grain.

There are astonishing parallels between this biblical
account and the Egyptian stories of a man called Imhotep,
who was prime minister during the reign of Djoser.

At the entrance to the complex are 40 small cubicles, each
just the right size to hold a single person who could
administer the receipt of payment from people coming to
purchase grain.

There are 11 of these impressive pits, with only one
containing a stairway extending all the way to the bottom.
All the pits are connected to each other by a subterranean
tunnel.  And all of the grain could be accessed from one

And did you know, grain was found in the floor of these pits.


Over the centuries, great waves of sand swept in from thesakkara3
desert and almost completely covered the area until, in
1850, the wind blowing over the shifting sand had exposed
a small opening.

Galleries were found, connected to a pit, which extended
down to a funerary chamber containing an empty coffin.

And in the tomb’s storerooms were jars whose clay
stoppers had the seal impression of Pharaoh Djoser!

Here is absolute proof that this was the tomb of a very
important person of Djoser’s reign.

But the sarcophagus was empty, and it had titles
applicable to Joseph on it!

Now, suppose that Imhotep was Joseph, and that the
biblical claim that Joseph’s body was taken away, is true.
Whose empty tomb might this be?

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