With almost all of England in lockdown, there’s not a lot to do, and very little to mention travel-wise. There’s little to do outdoors apart from essential shopping or exercise, so as part of my staycation I’ve had a walk around my own town.

I’ve lived in the small Bedfordshire town of Leighton Buzzard for nearly six years, but have still not covered it all. I’d been living here two years before I walked along the canal banks for the first time. A very nice walk it is too – and a long walk too; 137 miles should you wish to cover the whole length of the canal. The Grand Union Canal connects London with Birmingham, with arms to various other places. It came into being on January 1 1929, though has since been extended.

I awoke this morning to the first snow fall of the winter. Neither the wife or I needed to go out, so it was a nice surprise. It was a bit of a shock to the pets though: the rabbit ventured out tentatively after giving it some thought, but he soon came padding back into his cage. The cat wasn’t impressed and took refuge on his perch next to the radiator.DSC01491

I always feel cheated when it fails to snow at Christmas, so better late than never. Here are a couple of photos of the snow around my home.

During the writing of this piece the snow stopped, and it’s starting to thaw. At least I can drive to the supermarket tomorrow.

I don’t know when I’ll be allowed to get out to a pub or restaurant, or to stay in a hotel. The government can’t be seen to end the lockdown while figures are so high, but the country can ill-afford the cost of having everything closed. it’s a sad state of affairs when the most exciting thing we can imagine is being invited to the vaccine centre. Or enjoying a belated white Christmas.IMG-20210124-WA0000