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Talking about crime – crime reading and writing, that is.



June is National Crime Reading Month (NCRM) initiated by the Crime Writers Association. Ann Evans has more details.





If you like getting stuck into a nice juicy crime novel, then discover more in the National Crime Reading Month’s unique festival. Held throughout the UK, its aim is to promote crime genre in fiction and non-fiction – and to support professional writers.


The Crime Writers’ Association (CWA) along with its sister organisation, the Crime Readers’ Association (CRA) are aiming to get people talking about crime writing, and specifically to get people reading.


Best-selling author Elly Griffiths has been appointed by the CWA as a new Booksellers Champion, the aim being to build links between crime authors and bookshops, with crime author events online and in usual times at festivals, libraries and bookshops.


Elly Griffiths said: “This last year has emphasised the importance of bookshops. We need books more than ever and it seems that crime novels are especially popular in difficult times. I’m delighted to be a CWA Booksellers Champion, working with these wonderful people and places to ensure that readers have access to the very best of crime fiction.”


Maxim Jakubowski, Chair of the CWA, said: “We are delighted that Elly, with the valuable support of fellow crime authors Vaseem Khan and William Shaw, has become our Booksellers Champion. As one of the largest crime genre communities in the UK, the CWA is well placed to connect authors, readers and bookshops. We all need to work together after a challenging year for bricks and mortar bookshops, which are so vital to the reader and author experience.”


The CWA already has two Library Champions, crime novelists Priscilla Masters and John Dean, helping raise awareness of the value of libraries and their staff. Crime fiction is the most borrowed genre.






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