tomatoConservative MPs apparently “mocked the plight of hungry families turning to foodbanks” during a Commons debate. “Tory backbenchers sniggered and hooted as Labour MP Fiona McTaggart told of shocking scenes at her local Tesco in Slough, Berks, as people battled over cut-price fruit and veg.”
Believe me Fiona, it’s not just hungry families who battle over the cut-price fruit and veg!
Tesco reduces prices throughout the day. Then late in the evening, they have some huge bargains with final reductions, to clear the shelves of surplus stock to make way for the fresh produce that arrives during the night.
I’ve waited there for the bargains a lot through the years. The supermarket’s nearly empty and it’s a good time to go shopping when I’ve finished my work.
Why pay £1.50 for a bag of salad when you can get it for 10p?
As soon as the reduced trays are carried out and put down, the Asians rush forward, pushing and shoving everyone else out of the way, and grabbing armfuls of anything they can get hold of.
tescokingstonparkI live in a small town and I know who’s poor and who isn’t.
The real hard-up people don’t get a look in. And these grabbers are well-off, often with connections to local restaurants.
When it’s Ramadam, they can afford to fly back to their home Countries, and there’s no-one pushing and shoving for a few weeks! Everything’s calm and polite.
Don’t you dare think that I’m a racist! I travel a lot and I’ll talk to anyone.
I know that a lot of these people originally come from Nations where it’s every man for himself. But I can’t stand bad manners in any shape or form, and I don’t care who the perpetrators are!
And don’t pity them. There’s absolutely no excuse for behaviour like that. They don’t need to grab the lot, even if they do want to save money.
As they say, Take what you need. The rest is greed!