This cosy vegan restaurant tucked away along Old Street’s main strip; Redemption offers diners a body detox, ‘Spoil yourself without spooling yourself’, with their purely vegan, wheat-free, zero alcohol and low in natural sugars menu.

To some, this might sound duller than dishwater – but rest assured, Redemption delivers this concept to perfect culinary execution (without any actual executions), leaving you wondering just quite how they managed to pull it off.

Their evening menu begins with a small selection of starters to mull over whilst you decide on your mains. We went with the guacamole and lemon hummus dip served with organic tortilla chips. The lemon hummus was a great twist on this staple vegan classic, and nicely complemented the creamy avocado. In keeping with Redemption’s motto, it’s light enough that it won’t spoil your appetite either.

Without focusing on one single cuisine, Redemption are able to offer a varied selection of main dishes to choose from. The Italian pasta is a hearty helping of brown wheat pasta cooked in tomato and red pepper sauce with black olives, served with wild rocket and roasted pecan ‘parmesan’. The Japanese maki rolls platter is filled with quinoa, avocado, enoki and shitake mushrooms, chives, and sesame seeds. There’s no need to miss out on these fresh tasting bite-sized

For mains I ordered the jackfruit burger. Having read a lot about this much-hyped vegan alternative to pulled pork, I can certainly see where the comparisons have been drawn; both in looks and texture. The jackfruit had a sweet and smoky seasoning and is served up in a gluten-free bun with a side of sweet potato chips (which were ah-mazing!). If you don’t fancy a burger, there’s a South-East Asian style jackfruit curry on the menu, seasoned with cinnamon coconut milk and ginger These distinct flavours might not be to everyone’s liking, but if you’re looking for something warming and rich then this is certainly a winner!

The Lebanese-styled aubergine steaks with pomegranate and tahini dressing, were a slight disappointment. They lacked any real oomph that is demanded from a main course item; tasty enough but not quite worthy of standing up on their own. I reckon in a smaller portion would make a great appetizer, but they’re not quite fitting for the main event.

If you’re feeling super healthy, Redemption offer a probiotic booster bowl, consisting of green cabbage and chopped kale salad with medjool dates, chili, sesame seeds, spring onions, almonds and a miso dressing.

Make sure you save room for dessert, both ones that we had were memorably impressive! I’m a huge fan of banoffee pie and wanted to see how a vegan’s interpretation of it would taste. I was pleasantly surprised by just how flavoursome and textured it tasted, and what’s more it was topped with a generous whip of coconut cream that was irresistibly moreish. Next up, the Redemption chocolate cheesecake was almost identical to its dairy alternatives. In the past I have found some vegan cream cheeses to taste slightly synthetic or bland, but this one had a naturally sweet texture!

The banana & walnut bread wasn’t available when I went, but I would certainly go back for it given how great the other desserts were. Both coconut yoghurt and a drizzle of maple syrup are used to sweeten this bouncy loaf.

All in all, Redemption have hit the nail on the head in styling a totally vegan menu that will certainly answer to London’s growing plant-based demands. The menu is rather dear given that all the items are vegan but this is expected amongst the Capital’s trendy restaurant scene.

Visit Redemption’s website at  https://www.redemptionbar.couk/to see their range of menus.