Discovering and conserving are the themes of the day at Sea Life London. There are a plethora of aquarium zones with captivating experiences, such as feeding the sharks or viewing them top down through the glass along the shark walk. Better still you can be all romantic and propose to your other half underwater! It is also important to note that the philosophy of the staff working at Sea Life London is to breed, rescue and protect.

A focal point of Sea Life London is the Ocean Invaders Jellyfish experience. These intricate creatures may look like plastic carrier bags from a distance that are submerged in the water, but close up they have extensive features, such as their long and curly tentacles. Jellyfish experts are on hand to provide you with startling facts about these species with several surprised faces onlooking. Never have these creatures looked so colourful and dare I say it pretty when immersed between the glasses of Sea Life London.

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