The passing of the beautiful and inspiring Psalm Isadora is great loss to field of yoga and field of female empowerment. Psalm taught thousands of workshops nationally and internationally, and specialised in helping men and women have a deeper intimacy. Her career could never be summed up in a few lines and the woman as a whole could not even be given adequate space in a book. She has been described as a sexologist; a sexuality, relationship and trauma expert; a Tantric Coach & Sexpert by others. Indeed it is difficult to give her work a title, but what is certain is that she was an extraordinary individual with a gift for teaching coupled with a deep knowledge of transformative healing techniques and of overcoming the trauma of abuse.


Psalm’s survived a deeply traumatic and abusive childhood, she not only survived, but she became passionately committed to the cause of female empowerment.  She was so much more than a survivor she was a warrior, committed to ensuring that other women would benefit from her knowledge and message.


Raised in a religious cult, Psalm endured years of abuse and trauma that she was able to eventually channel the experience of deliver a strong message of female empowerment through sexuality and tantric principles. She shared this message with the world through her articles, classes, and workshops. Her energy and passion for her work seemed endless, her untimely passing is a great loss, but her work will never be forgotten and will continue to inspire and motivate women.

Young belly dancer close-up.

Psalm Isadora was a top tantra expert and although she lived in LA her work was recognised around the world and she was globally recognised as a leading authority, leading to her being a highly sought-after sexuality, relationship, and trauma expert specializing in women’s health and empowerment and modern sexual education.


Ten years ago  (2007), Psalm travelled to India to learn the ancient teachings of Tantra in order to facilitate deep healing and discover her own path as a healer. Whilst there she taught yoga practices to sex trafficked women in the red light district of Calcutta and eventually her work there was featured as part of a documentary titled “Shakti: the power of woman.”  (


Psalm was also the Star of Playboy TV’s reality show ‘Cougar Club’ and Founder of global coaching program ‘Urban Kama Sutra’, her aim was always to empower and to educate people in harnessing sexual energy and taking charge of sexual empowerment.


Psalm’s work  was relentless and she created O-Yoga. The ‘O’ in O-Yoga stood for orgasmic, with many of the techniques in this unique type of yoga stemming from one of the oldest forms of yoga—Shakti yoga. Psalm’s O-Yoga was a  blend of yoga, bellydance and burlesque to help women unlock their own inner goddess. Her work has been featured in many magazines including MANTRA, LA Yoga and OM Yoga. Founder of global sex coaching program Urban Kama Sutra,  Psalm’s work was relentlessly spread through her workshops, online classes, and countless interviews.

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Mal Weeraratne, author, Tantra and Bodywork instructor, educator and healer, had the honour of knowing Psalm in person and indeed of  being interviewed by her. He expressed his deep sadness at the news of her death and extended his sincere sympathies with her close friends and relatives. Speaking of Psalm, he said, ‘her work was her passion and her energy and dedication was bountiful and never tiring’’.   Psalm’s interview with Mal Weeraratne can be watched here:


Whilst her work may at first glance appear very alternative to the Western mind, it is certain that her work created a wave and her work was widely discussed, debated and acknowledged in the media.


During her life Psalm Isadora was recognised for her energy, pioneering and transformative teachings, her powerful messages, inner beauty, intelligence and charisma, her passing is a great loss, but it is certain that her work will continue as she acts as a lasting inspiration and the knowledge she passed on through her teachings will continue to empower women.