Tis’ the season of Veganuary: the month-long vegan challenge to kick start 2018.

Whilst some may visualise 31 days of plain raw carrots and not-so-yummy kale juice, the vegan lifestyle is much more varied and tasty than some may think. I am currently 7 days into my vegan diet and quite enjoying the challenge. With a touch of planning and creativity, you can still enjoy many of the dishes you love, just with a few tweaks or adjustments.

There’s an estimated 500,000 vegans in the UK and with plant-based diets on the rise, restaurants and food outlets are facing increased demand for vegan-friendly choices. Pret are already ahead of the game with the recent opening of their third Veggie Pret in London’s Exmouth Market. With a green and white exterior, these vegan havens are flying the flag for a greener path to dining.

Despite being branded as Veggie, half the menu is catered towards vegans. Pret’s signature stone baked baguettes have been revamped to serve up creations like artichoke hearts, olives and cherry tomato tapenade. Surprinsgly satisfying and so very tasty!

The African-inspired chakalaka bean wrap packs a full punch of flavour, accompanied by coconut yoghurt, red pepper, roasted buttetnut squash and spinach. The avocado and chickpea wrap brings a taste of South America to your lunchtime, topped with black bean salsa and coriander.

If you’re looking for something to warm you up during the January blues, the banana, blueberry and almond butter toasted tortilla is the perfect breakfast item to kick start your day. For lunchtimes, the vegan mac and greens uses a special vegan belchamel sauce recipe to recreate this ultimate winter warmer.

The sweet potato falafel and betroot salad is bursting with flavour and colour, featuring turmeric and sweet potato falafel, smashed beetroot humous, avacado, broccoli, pomegranate seeds and edamame beans. And for dessert the vegan brownie is the ultimate indulgence – filled with a gooey caramel centre, it’s got all the flavour and texture of its veggie counterpart, so there’s no compromise on taste!

With a whole host of vegan friendly options to choose from, Pret have made it easy to be vegan. Whether it’s for a lunchtime, a month long challenge or even a total diet makeover; Veggie Pret have got it covered. They’re always churning out new vegan creations so there’s always something new on the menu to keep you coming back for more.

Veggie Pret currently have three branches in London. Please visit https://www.pret.co.uk/en-gb/veggie-pret to see the full range of vegan items, and to check out the location addresses. Happy Veganuary!