keyboardCORRESPONDENCE is YOUR C Page and you can send us letters about anything you want to write about – as long as it fits in with the magazine’s style.
But with just a bit of thought, you can make absolutely anything fit in somehow!
Tell us about your Holiday from Hell, great places to visit, a delicious recipe that you managed to cadge from a restaurant or a friend, your original recipe, cakes, with photos and the recipe, a craft that you make or one that you saw abroad, a local Haunted House/Pub that we can stay in, local places of interest, local history,something that’s really made you angry or upset you, but sticking to the unique B-C-ing-U! style!
There are a few rules; don’t drink & write. It might seem really funny or witty while under the alfluence of incerhol, but you may regret it in the morning!
Don’t ramble on. Some people love the sound of their own keyboard. Just read some of the letters in the local paper. They’re like War and Peace, but not so interesting!
You can put your point more strongly in fewer words.
Think of your readers. We have a lot of readers in different Countries. Keep your English simple. Don’t use flowery phrases just for the sake of it!
With the readers in mind, don’t vanish up your own bottom! Something might have been dreadfully upsetting when it happened, but if you can turn a tragedy into a Comedy, people will take it more seriously, if you know what I mean! Our readers aren’t stupid. they’ll understand what you went through, and show more sympathy, possibly Contributing some useful advice.
You must add your name, County and Country. Your Town would be preferred, but if you come from a small town & are worried because you have something strong to say we’ll let you off.
Comments on any articles still go under the article.
OK, it’s over to you!

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