I’d love to say that I have written this week’s witterings from a hectic festival field where the sun is beating down, but alas I cannot as it has rained continuously for two days solid.

For a few years I have fancied trading at Barefoot Festival in Leicestershire and finally this year I made it. Now on my third festival as a food trader I must say I was pretty organized, but after scorching heat on Thursday, Friday spelled rain. The commencement of trade was met with more rain and Saturday and Sunday’s weather made trading near impossible. Not only was prepping and cooking food hard work in the mud, driving rain and wind, but my pizza dough just wouldn’t rise.

Freezing cold, muddy and wet I battled on serving whatever hardy customers that hadn’t packed up their tents and gone home. It would be fair to say it was a complete wash out and whilst the bands and entertainers valiantly performed traders and festival goers alike left at an astonishing rate.

IMAGSadly after packing up my stand and having a growing desire for a steaming, hot coffee in a warm dry location, as my husband started up our equipment van it became apparent we were stuck in the mud. An uncomfortable night cramped up in the minibus followed as we Aaited rescue in the shape of the landowners tractor.

Still dreaming of coffee and now toast,  I am sat on a hay bale in a now sunny field awaiting tracror rescue, which I am assured is imminent.

Rescue when it does come does not come in the form of a tractor but a fellow trader with a Land Rover. We met the gentleman that pulled us out of the mud at Three Wishes Fairy Festival and he kindly came to our aid.  Twelve hours after our original plan to leave we are finally leaving.

Well, off to get that coffee and hopefully toast.