A few weeks ago, I visited New Quay Wales and enjoyed a late breakfast at the Blue Bell Bistro. Having had a thoroughly decent meal and trip I decided to re-visit New Quay last weekend.  On a bright and promising day, it must be said that New Quay was bustling with tourists.  By 11am visitors had already started to queue in the ice-cream parlor, meanwhile the benches overlooking the sea were filling up.

After a brief stroll, I opted to take breakfast at The Old Watch House Restaurant being attracted initially by its outside seating area. Situated in an elevated position to give commanding views over Cardigan Bay, the restaurant certainly looked appealing.  I climbed the stairs to the seating area, an elevated sun terrace scattered with wooden picnic benches offering beautiful views over the blue waters of Cardigan Bay, but sadly there was no suitable seating available, so we opted for a window seat inside.

 Inside the restaurant was bright, spacious and airy. The service was prompt and the menu did offer a fair selection fresh fish dishes, pasta, sandwiches and jacket potatoes as well as a range of vegan and vegetarian dishes including a home-made vegetarian shepherds pie.

I opted to order from the breakfast menu and decided on the vegetarian breakfast.  The breakfast arrived on a large white plate, which sadly hadn’t been warmed, so my breakfast was luke warm as it hit my table, but the size and quality was sufficient. The sautéed potatoes that arrived with both my vegetarian breakfast and my husbands classic breakfast would have been a nice and welcome addition to the breakfast, but they lacked any seasoning and they lacked the appearance, texture and flavour of true sautéed potatoes, instead these were more like small potato rounds that had simply been fried until golden, so in essence we were served chips.

Overall the breakfast was ample, nothing spectacular but perfectly good. Th eggs were well cooked and the bacon on the classic breakfast was of a good thickness. Warming the plates and adding real sautéed potatoes could have made a big difference to it. However, whilst the breakfasts may have failed to wow me, the views from my window seat didn’t.  Beautiful, blue waters and a fabulous view of Cardigan Bay really couldn’t fail to impress. Indeed, I was told by the staff that sometimes dolphins could be spotted, though I wasn’t lucky enough to spot any on this particular visit I certainly enjoyed taking in the beauty of sea.

I resisted the temptation to queue in New Quay for an ice cream and instead decided to stop off at the Hive in Aberaeron. The Hive is a popular and busy bistro situated on the harbour at Aberaeron who make their own award-winning honey ice cream.  Sitting with a coffee and honey ice cream looking out at the sea was indeed a lovely treat and it must be said that the ice cream was delicious but a real conversation stopper as everyone was too engrossed in the licking of ice cream to be doing any talking.