Happy New 2021. And our lives have changed and our minds reset. For the time being, we need to replace flights to overseas destinations with local walks and our own adventures, dining out with homegrown dishes, hotel rooms to rearranged home interiors and the cinema to our own big screen tv. There are a host of resources online or from books on the shelf to learn new skills and more importantly more time to find our true selves.

We may not be able to travel very far but we don’t need to go further afield to benefit from nature’s offerings around us. Here is a list of new year suggestions to help kick start your healthy 2021.

Take a walk on the wild-side dog-4609870_640

It may be cold outside, the wind may be bracing, but braving low temperatures and getting outdoors will blow away the cobwebs of 2020 and fill your lungs with fresh air and an invigorating sense of being. Nature changes every day so take advantage of new scenes by taking different routes and venturing out at varying times.

Hello, how are you? 


It may be a smile, a nod or a greeting. It takes little time but means a lot to many who live alone or are lonely. So make a pledge to brighten up someone’s day by communicating with a long lost friend, a neighbour, as well as a family member. Kind deeds for others will pay back generously with that feelgood factor.

New hobby, new interest, new skill

Yoga online, a musical instrument, drawing, outdoor volunteering.  Find something new to push you out of your comfort zone and achieve a goal you have always wanted to accomplish. Enjoy that sense of achievement and that pat on the back! Test your IQ with or without family and friends. It is important to challenge your mind, whether it’s sudoku, crosswords, a quiz or even participating in tv contests.

Homemade, homegrownjuice-2902892_640

Smoothies, soups and stews.  Capture the nutrients from your own recipes or experiment with the plethora of health suggestions on packs, online and in health columns.  Avoid throwing away fruit and vegetables. Use a blender to make fresh dishes without preservatives. Enjoy time preparing food in the kitchen. Bread, pies and fruit puddings will never be the same. To add flavour and organic ingredients, why not grow your own in the form of herbs and spices, vegetables and flowers for decoration. Whether you have a garden or windowsill, brighten up your home by adding colour and leafy produce. Take pleasure in watching your planted seeds grow.

Keep your body and soul well

In challenging times, it is easy to choose comfort foods and drinks believing they will be true to their purpose. Momentarily yes, but the body needs nutritious, fresh foods to keep strong and for the mind to be positive. Enjoy planning meals and adding new foods into your diet and notice the results. And remember vitamin D is a vital nutrient to strengthen your immunity. An explosion of colour on your plates often means that you’re rightly consuming a variety of fruit and vegetables alongside proteins and carbs.

Healthy home  pastel-4279377_640

While keeping yourself healthy, your home is key too. Place health-giving indoor plants in the home. The Peace Lily removes toxins such as benzene, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Whether it’s a floral display decorating the dining room table, a hanging Spider plant, a Rubber plant in the corner or Aloe Vera in the bathroom, air purifying plants can enhance your health as well as adding design and colour.

Time for yourself.

Switch off the news, the tv, social media and just be. Find time to tune-in to yourself. It is important to keep yourself grounded and strong. Focus on yourself, how you feel and accept your own needs and limitations as you enjoy a healthy 2021, the new norm and the new you.