After a big operation I seemed to have recovered well. But after a couple of months I began to get stomach pains which were getting worse, and I was really worried that I had a stomach infection, or that something had gone wrong.

I also had several painful side effects, obviously caused by my not being well.



Our doctor’s surgery is rushed off its feet, and we can only book a telephone consultation.

After trying to get through on the engaged phone for 20 minutes, I was told that all the appointments were already booked, and if it was urgent I should go to A&E at the hospital.

I’d always believed that A&E was for things like broken arms. But not any more. Things have changed.

We set out the following morning and arrived soon after 8am. The car park was nearly empty. I’ve never seen it like that before. It’s always been full, night and day.

We were about the second people in the waiting room.

Within half an hour, I’d had a consultation, a blood test, which came back within an hour, (I’d been booked in for a blood test in three weeks’ time with my doctor) my blood pressure, temperature and heart tested.

Within another half hour, I was physically examined by a doctor, then left while I was discussed.

Less than 10 minutes later, I was escorted round the corner by the doctor for a scan. I went straight in, then was placed in a side room to await the

While in there, I was again physically examined to check my side effects, my blood pressure was re-taken, and I was offered a choice of five dishes for lunch!

The results came through and I was told that there was nothing seriously wrong, and they’d be writing to my doctor.

What can I say? My treatment was as good as in any private hospital. It was absolutely marvellous.

And, most importantly, I’d been given a full medical examination, and had my mind put at rest.

Covid is used as an excuse for everything now, and our poor doctors’ surgeries are rushed off their feet.

But we’re entitled to free treatment under the NHS. I know a couple of people who  lost their lives last year through not having their problems properly diagnosed  earlier. So if you’re really worried about having something wrong, don’t be afraid to ask, and to get it sorted out. Go straight to your local hospital. But do get there early!