Queen-B Lyn has a rant.

car_boot_saleAs you know, Dear Readers, I love car boot sales. But they’re getting worse.
I went for a browse on Sunday, but I practically had to beg to be served. I reckon that about half the sellers were sitting behind their stalls, talking or texting on their mobile phones, totally ignoring their potential buyers, or glaring at us for daring to interrupt their important phone calls.
If they can’t be bothered to make eye contact and smile, I walk away without buying anything.
Car boot sales only last for the morning, so why can’t they let their phone take messages, and concentrate on paying attention to their potential buyers? After all, that’s why they’ve got up at the crack of dawn, loaded up their car and driven to a field, then unloaded everything and set it out on tables. You’d think that they’d be keen to sell as much as possible, wouldn’t you, instead of messing around with their phones!
Mobile phones have been around for a long time now. So why do some people still think they’re superstars when they’re talking on one?
I don’t want to hear their conversation. I don’t think they’re absolutely brilliant because they’re shouting into a phone, unless they’re standing on their head, or balancing on a tightrope. I don’t envy them because they know someone who has their number!
Men in supermarkets should be banned from using a mobile phone. They can’t talk without walking up and down, and are they really so stupid that they need to phone home and ask permission to buy a tin of peas?
mobile_phonesAnd then there are the Press Trips abroad. We’re usually entertained in top-quality restaurants. I want to pay attention to the food, often discovering new recipes, ways of serving the food, etc. I strongly object to someone next to me eating between texting while staring at their phone, which is placed beside their plate, and constantly beeping as some equally boring friend replies to every text about what we’re doing!
I always ask them to turn it off while we’re eating as it’s very rude and antisocial. And most people agree with me.
Yes, our guides need to stay in contact about what’s happening the next day, changes of plan, etc. but not these stupid, addicted bloggers, tapping away, sending a load of egoistical beepy garbage! And every time the bloody phone goes off, they look around as though they’ve just achieved something amazing, like giving birth to it.
I don’t even mind if they take photos and write things down, taking notes, like I always do. At least I’m quiet.
Next time I’m out and about with a group, I think I’ll take my knitting. At least I’ll be creating something useful while I twiddle my fingers!