When our daughter Rana met her boyfriend Dom, she told him that she could never give him children. She had endometritis, blocked tubes, 1 ½ ovaries and constantly growing cysts.
So when they moved into their own house and she felt exhausted, she blamed it on the move.
Things got worse, and Rana knew that something was different. It wasn’t the cysts making her feel so tired. She took a pregnancy test. It clearly showed that she was pregnant. But knowing that this was impossible, she took another one. Again it showed the same results.
car_bootAs you can imagine, we’re all excited about it. They can’t be 100% sure about the date, but it’s around the 14th June.
It’s a little girl, but I’m not telling you her name yet!
Of course the one problem with babies is the cost – especially when it was unexpected! Rana gave up work on Friday. She feels healthier than she’s felt for years, but it’s time to slow down.
Dom’s parents are over the moon. They never expected to become Grandparents. They’ve bought lots of presents for the baby.
Yesterday I went to a local car boot sale. Oh how different they look to me now!
I bought six huge bags of baby clothes, a baby bouncer for £4.50 instead of £25, a game that makes noises, and can be twiddled, hit, etc, for £2.50 instead of £29, half a dozen brand new babies’ bottles, and all the clothes. Most of them are well-known High Street labels, and about a quarter of them have never been worn.
How much for the lot? £20! And the original value? Probably not far short of £1,000!
Oh what fun we’re going to have! She’s going to become a Mini-Me. She’ll pick the material in my log cabin office/craft room and we’ll make her dresses, and she’ll gradually learn how to knit, then we’ll go in the kitchen and cook, and after that I’ll tell her a story, and encourage her to elaborate, and learn how to write.
Is a genius born or taught? Maybe a bit of both. I can’t wait to find out!
But however she turns out, I can guarantee that she’ll be surrounded by love. This is a Miracle Baby!