“It looks like he was trying to escape when the

water overtook him.”

“What did you do with the evidence?”

“I gave it to the American Museum of Natural

“Oh, no…you shouldn’t have done that!”

“Why not?”

“Give it some time and they’ll deny they ever
got it.”

You’ll learn the sequel to this conversation
in a moment.

You have probably heard of all those iron pots,
gold chains, silver vases, ancient buildings and
so on, discovered deep down inside coal mines?

Okay, artefacts are one thing. But what about

You may wonder. Have traces of actual human
beings been found in the wrong places?

Definitely – yes.

For starters, human footprints are found in
undisturbed strata of virtually all geological

yes, they’ve been unearthed in rock layers
where the so-called “earliest” life forms appear.

footprintsHere are some examples:

* Gobi Desert:  A print of a ribbed sole (shoe or
sandal size 9), in sandstone rock said to be
“2 million years old.”

* Fisher Canyon, Nevada:  A shoe print with clear
traces of strong thread, in a coal seam “12 million
years old.”

* Pershing County, Nevada:  A shoe print, showing
evidence of a well-cut and double-stitched leather
sole, in Triassic limestone “160 to 195 million years old.”

This find was authenticated by a competent geologist
of the Rockefeller Foundation in New York.

The thread is smaller than any used by shoemakers

The discoverer took it to New York.  He took it to
Columbia University.  He showed it to some of the
leading people at the American Museum of Natural
History and turned it over to them.

But you can write to the American Museum of Natural
History – and they’ll tell you the report is not
in their files.  (I wonder why?)

Anyway, here are some more finds:

* Cow Canyon, Nevada (25 miles east of Lovelock):  The
graceful imprint of a well-balanced human in a coal
vein of the Tertiary “period.”

* England:  A shoe imprint with nail heads around its
outer edge, in “450 million year old” limestone.

* Antelope Springs, Utah:  Prints of a man wearing
shoes, in which the left foot had trodden on a
trilobite, a creature of “440 million years ago.”
This Utah discovery was made in the Wheeler Formation,
in the House Range east of Antelope Springs, in
shaley limestone rock.

Prints included one of a child’s foot, with all five
toes showing dimly.

On June 1, 1968, William Meister was looking for
trilobite fossils.  With difficulty, he was climbing
a 2000 ft high rock face.

He paused, and broke off a 2 inch thick lump of rock
with his geology hammer.  It opened like a book,
revealing a trilobite in the heel of a sandal print.

A consulting geologist was called in.  He found more
sandal-prints and some footprints of bare-foot children.

It would seem from this evidence that mankind and
trilobites co-existed.

* Laetolil, Africa:  Footprints in rock “12 million
years old.”

* Tulsa, Oklahoma:  Footprints in rock “12 million
years old.”

* Carson City, Nevada:  Sandal prints in Pliocene
“age” rock “12 million years old.”

* Glen Rose, Texas:  Footprints in Cretaceous rock
“70 million years old.”

* Mt. Victoria, Australia:  Footprint in Triassic
rock “200 million years old.”

* St. Louis, Missouri:  Footprints in Permian rock
“200 million years old.”

* Bera, Kentucky:  Footprints in Pennsylvanian
rock “200 million years old.”

* Lake Windermere, England:  Sandal print in
Ordovician rock “400 million years old.”

Okay, I don’t want to bore you.  Examples are
almost countless.

Do you notice something wrong with these
discoveries? That’s right. They contradict
evolutionary geology.


If human footprints in ancient rocks are genuine,
then either men existed before evolution says they
should, or our dating systems are in serious error.

As James Madsen, curator of Earth Science at the
University of Utah, stated for the press, concerning
the trilobite-with-man find:

“There’s something of a problem here, since
trilobites and humans are separated by millions of
years”  (in theory, over 200 million!).

Indeed, this intimate simultaneous occurrence of
modern (sandal-shod) man with “primitive” trilobites
is a serious problem for the evolution theory.


Well, you ask, could these tracks be fakes?   That’s
a fair question.

Sorry, but many of these prints were found “inside”
stratified deposits, where forgery was impossible.

You see, they were found only after removal of
overlying rock strata.

Important: The impressions were made at a time when
the rock was soft enough to receive them by pressure.

The vast majority of the impressions came to light
when the rocks were being quarried.

They were found in some cases, dozens of feet below
the present surface and hundreds of yards back into
the quarries.

Various scientists have independently and meticulously
examined these fossil human footprints.

And the sand grains within each track are closer together
than the grains immediately outside the
tracks and elsewhere on the rock… due to the pressure
of the person’s foot.

This is a characteristic of genuine footprints.


Writing in Scientific American concerning footprints
in Carboniferous rock, Albert C. Ingalls states:

“If man, or even his ape ancestor, or even that ape
ancestor’s early Mammalian ancestor, existed as far
back as in the Carboniferous Period in any shape, then
the whole science of geology is so completely
wrong that all the geologists will resign their jobs
and take up truck driving.

“Hence for the present at least, science rejects the
attractive explanation that man made these
mysterious prints in the mud of the Carboniferous
Period with his feet.”
Yes, that’s a mouthful. But would you please read it

There you have a frank admission that the facts are
being deliberately sidestepped.


To be perfectly preserved, the tracks had to be
covered ALMOST INSTANTLY.  They were then buried under
hundreds of feet more of earth.

The person who squashed the trilobite may have taken
only a few more steps before a great disaster wiped
him out.

Many of these tracks were preserved in rock hundreds
of feet below the present surface of the ground, as
though at or near the beginning of some great catastrophic,
earth-shaking event that buried many forms of life all
together, some marine and some non-marine.

Here is evidence of catastrophe… and also of mankind
as far back as the Precambrian  (in the alleged “before
there was life on earth”) period.

That’s footprints. But how about some real human


* Billings, Montana, November 1926:  In the Number 3
Eagle Mine at Bear Creek, a tooth, declared by
dentists to be the second lower molar of a human
being, was found in so-called “70 million year old”
Eocene coal.

* Italy: In 1958, a human skeleton was found in a
mine, the coal of which was “11 million years old.”

* Freiberg, Saxony:  “In the coal collection in the
Mining Academy in Freiberg, there is a puzzling
human skull composed of brown coal and manganiferous
and phosphatic limonite.

* Tuscany, Italy, 1958:  Professor Johannes
Hurzeler of the Museum of Natural History in Basil,
Switzerland, found in a “10 million year old” lump of
Miocene coal the jawbone of a child flattened
like a piece of sheet iron.

* Dr. Henry Morris reports having interviewed a
coal miner in West Virginia who had found a
perfectly formed human leg that had changed into

* Castenedolo, Italy, 1860:  Skulls of two children,
a man and a woman of the “modern” type, were found
in undisturbed Pliocene strata “at least 12 million
years old.”

* Olmo, Italy, 1863:  Another similar find was made
in Pliocene strata.

* Calaveris, California, 1886:  A skull identified
as unmistakenly human was found in the middle of a
mountain, likewise in Pliocene strata.

* Moab, Utah, May, 1971:  Lin Ottinger found teeth
and parts of two skeletons of “Homo sapiens”
(“modern” man) inside a geological stratum “100
million years old.”

* Gilman, Colorado:  A human skull was found in
Cretaceous strata “70 million years old.”

* La Sal, Utah: Two more skeletons in Cretaceous

* Macoupin County, Illinois:  A human skeleton found
in 1862 in a coalfield of the Carboniferous period was
reported in The Geologist, a standard journal.  It was
in rock up to “300 million years old.”

* Franklin County, Mo.:  A human skeleton was found
in Silurian rock “300 million years old.”

And these are just the start. Did you know that
hundreds and hundreds of “modern” human skeletons have
been discovered in rock that “officialy” dates
back more than “100 million years?”


In the mid 1980s a landowner was quarrying for road
gravel. And inside the quarry he uncovered a fossilized
human finger!

Medical doctor Dale Peterson of Oklahoma City examined
the sectioned specimen by means of x-ray, CT Scan and

He was able to identify joints and to trace tendons
throughout its length.  He announced, “There can be no
reasonable doubt that this is a fossil finger.”

In fact, the soft tissue was fossilized and preserved
with remarkable detail.
The fingernail and cuticle were clearly visible and
perfectly formed and proportioned.

The fossil was not of uniform or random density and

The internal appearance of the fossil was identical
to what one sees when a human finger is sectioned.

The skin margins and subcutaneous tissue were clearly

The bone matrix was clearly defined, and features
consistent with flexor and extensor tendons were present.

This is indeed the finger of someone who was rapidly
buried in a catastrophic event long ago.

I have also spoken at length with Ed Conrad, another
explorer of coal strata from the so-called “dinosaur

Ed also has found unmistakeable human remains, including
a skull with teeth present, and a human finger.

Twenty medical experts have pronounced this as a genuine
human finger.

[firstname], as you will see, this is NOT good news for
the evolution theory.

Honestly, you have no idea of the banning, the deceit
and vilification to which men like Ed Conrad are

If such finds cannot be ignored, they will be denied,
discredited or yes, even physically destroyed.

1. Man was on earth BEFORE the coal was formed.
2. Dinosaur and man lived at the same time.
3. Man was around in the “EARLIEST” geological


The truth is, these finds have been well documented,
but have since been ignored or forgotten.

In far too many cases, the objects themselves have
been mislaid, inadvertently tossed away, or sent to
some museum and stored out of sight and forgotten.

Nevertheless, these discoveries are a matter of

There are several hundred discovery reports like
these.  Scientific American is full of them.

Would you like documentation for these finds? It’s
just too much to clutter up an email.

So I have packed this and much, much more into a
200-page report that took months to prepare.

It also includes a fascinating chart showing
discoveries of humans in EVERY so-called geological

Men in forbidden places, you could say.

Very well, here is how to get it. Just go to
and you can order your special copy right now.

Warm regards.
Jonathan Gray

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