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Malta Diary:   Adventures of a Vlogger explorer




e/mail – salina46@go.net.mt


Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/jerome.fenech



It’s ok for you guys and gals out there, we are now using language and systems you are thoroughly familiar with. Believe me, it’s harder for us elderly folks to keep up with the evolvement of changes. In my hey-days a person who wrote a column in a newspaper or journal were either a columnist, a correspondent or simply a writer. Nowadays, they are a blogger.


If you went out, snapped pictures or took films and wrote about your experiences you were a feature writer. Today you are a vlogger. Instead of telegrams or posted letters, we now have sms’s, Messenger, tweets, apps and Instagram and of course, e/mail.



So now, let me tell you about my good friend and former colleague for many years at ST Microelectronics, CONRAD NEIL GATT, who is now a vlogger and is an adventurous and courageous explorer at that.  Rather him than me I hasten to add because I do not have a head for heights and my sense of adventure is a pub crawl or suffering the ups and downs of a soccer match!


He is not vlogging financially, that is to make money, but to discover, visit and document areas where he can share his discoveries with those who are interested but do not have the remotest opportunity of being able to visit and see these places and thus enables them to share the experience of the natural heritage of Malta and Gozo that is as yet largely undiscovered.



One of Conrad’s best experiences was when he entered a particular cave in Dingli known as Għar Mirdum, otherwise known as ‘The Sunken Cave’. The entrance to this cave is over two storeys high and is both difficult and dangerous and he had to use special equipment to safeguard his safety.


While in the process, he also experienced ‘Għar Ralek’ which is a locality protected within the same cave. Gatt said he has encountered a lot of vandalism while pursuing his vlog and he feels these sites should be protected to ensure the natural heritage of the country. His many adventures can be followed on conrad neil gatt vlogs – Bing video and also on CNG Trekventures.



Among his other experiences he recounts a visit to Wied Qirda when the entrance to the valley began filling with water and rose to stomach height. Gatt said he had always had a love of photography and therefore he has enhanced this with adventures that have produced unique footages. His adventures began with lone walks and taking photographs.

However when he began to experience positive responses from followers on social media, particularly from elderly followers, he began to shoot brief videos and share these on YouTube. Nowadays he has a considerable following, including an international following.


A further adventure vlog by Conrad is a cave labyrinth that few people know about in the limits of Rabat in Malta. These date back to Roman and Byzantine times and are one of the Natura 2000 protected sites.

From an excavation carried out in these caves in the early 1970s, animal bones were found as well as pottery dating back to between the third and fifth Century AD, as well as a medieval cup decorated in green and brown. When later excavations were carried out in the caves, pottery dating back to the 1st and 2nd Centuries AD was also found.


Conrad also penetrated these caves spread over three storeys and are filled with pillars and he vlogged all the scenes.

Unfortunately, modern developments have placed most of these areas under threat. Vandalism, excavations and nearby construction works have created a lot of damage in these localities. Over the years, cave pillars have been caused to collapse and rightly enough Conrad often declines to relate exact localities and situations to prevent inexperienced persons from visiting them and inflicting even more damages.

Keep up the good work Conrad. I am one of your avid followers!




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“Eating food as served by the Convent”

The food eaten in a convent of charity is expected to be basic and somewhat scarce. When a person is given an impromptu invitation to come back home and have lunch or dinner, it would normally be accompanied by this remark meaning you will eat what we have so don’t expect anything extravagant.

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