ipadRemember that I said I like to learn something new every day?
Yup, I’m still learning!
What I’ve learned now is that the title of an article in this computer world is very important. It’s something to do with key words, (whatever they are!)
For instance, I can’t just write A Seaside Meal. I have to write Eating Freshly-Caught Herrings on Hastings Seafront.
Get what I mean? I’m learning!
I sometimes find that Webitor Gareth has slightly altered my title. That’s OK. He knows what he’s doing!
Thanks to Celebrity Chef Agent Andy, we’ve just been sent to over 20,000 apps users (whatever that is!)
Well I don’t understand these things. On the other hand, I doubt if Agent Andy or Webitor Gareth can make their own curtains!

Have you heard of the late Alistair Cook? He was an Englishman who emigrated to the USA. He sent a weekly Letter From America to the BBC for many years. They covered all aspects of American life, history, politics, etc.
What I want is writers from as many different countries as possible to send me a weekly diary, telling us all what’s happening in their country, food, their family, the weather, or anything else that they think will interest our readers.