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Layered Casserole

By Lyn Funnell. A delicious, cheap, easy dish using whatever you have in the house.



Stuck indoors? Unable to go shopping, or just don’t want to?

Try my Layered Casserole. Use whatever you have in the house. It always works and the blending of flavours makes a delicious, and very cheap meal.

You don’t need to know weights or amounts. Just use what you’ve got.

I used a layer of sliced onions, followed by sliced tomatoes, sliced ham, thinly sliced potatoes, grated cheese, seasoning, mixed herbs.

Then start again, using everything up and finishing with a layer of potatoes and grated cheese.

Cover it with a lid and cook slowly in the oven for 1-1 1/2 hours, or longer if you’re not ready to eat yet.

You can prepare it the day before and place it in the fridge if you want to.

This casserole can be made using chopped mushrooms, chopped leeks, sliced courgettes, sliced aubergines, sliced cauliflower, sweet potato, sliced hard-boiled eggs, peas and sweetcorn, white fish or tinned pilchards instead of the ham, or leave it out and make it veggie.christmas2020-024

The dish will make its own juice as it cooks, but you can add a white sauce if you want to.

It makes a complete meal, but if you want more greenery, serve with green beans or a salad.


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