smileI love a good joke. One of my favourite pastimes is sitting with a small group of friends after a meal, swapping jokes. I love how one good joke can trigger off another one.
Once I spent a few days in a hotel with a group of engineers from the Midlands, North and up to Scotland. Of course I’m a Southerner.
Someone would tell a joke, then we’d all tell the version of it that we’d heard.
It was fascinating how many local versions there were of one joke!
I sometimes write Comedy scripts for an online Comedy radio show called
It was really exciting, the first time I heard my words brought to life by the actors!
Send us your favourite jokes. Give them a title, trying to fit in with our C’s
Yes, we all love a hilarious dirty joke, but filth is banned, and don’t try to slip them in, because nothing gets past Gareth the Webitor and his team!
Also, sick jokes are taboo.
People have been jailed lately for posting Nelson Mandela jokes.
I really admire the way that jokes appear about a topical subject literally within hours. I think that’s very clever. But keep them tasteful-ish!

What do you call a chicken in a shellsuit?
An egg!

Go on then, you do better!
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