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It’s May & the Bluebells are in Bloom!

Summer’s slow in coming this year and sunny days have been spoilt by a cold wind.

But Sunday was bearable, so we all went for a walk in the woods to see the bluebells.


Covid restrictions have encouraged a lot of people to go out walking locally who probably didn’t bother before. And it’s become quite a social event.

The English have always been a private race,walking along with their heads down and ignoring everyone,  but most people who we passed were taking their dog for a walk, and they all smiled and spoke to us.Bluebell-walk-005

I’m a Fair Weather Walker, but I always enjoy it when I do go out. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me.

Little Isabella is only six, but she can walk for miles. She enjoys seeing everything, and she paddled in the stream in her wellies.Bluebell-walk-003

There were wild flowers growing everywhere. We saw lilac-coloured cuckoo flowers or milkmaids as they’re known, white wood anenomies, yellow celandines and white wild garlic flowers.

Every tree is a completely different shape and size. It’s wonderful to see how a damaged tree is reborn, sprouting out of its old trunk, and even growing out of rocks.Bluebell-walk-009

Of course, we all had to hug a tree, wrapping our arms round its trunk as far as possible.

You can see the roots linking across the paths. Apparently, trees communicate with each other.Bluebell-walk-002

The nature trails are easy to follow, and there are wooden steps and a bridge across the shallow stream.

Bluebells grew thickly all around us in a beautiful blue and green carpet of colour amongst the trees.


Every now and again a red squirrel leaped through the trees and rabbits ran for cover.

If you listen carefully, the woods become quite noisy. We heard robins, blackbirds,thrushes, magpies, a nuthatch, a screeching buzzard, and a greater spotted woodpecker.


Wild garlic

We discovered wild garlic growing beside the stream. The flowers are out now. We picked some leaves to dry for flavouring, buds to pickle in vinegar and flowers to dip in Tempura batter and fry.




Time passed quickly and as we circled back to the car park, I was dying for a cuppa.

We said our goodbyes and drove home. But I’m ready for my next nature walk, as long as that wind stays away!

Wild garlic

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