By Annick Dournes & Frédéric de Poligny





April 27 was a very special day with Iceland broadcasting a first ever 14-hour live aerial show of an eruption from Geldingadalur volcano. That day, at 14 pm Eastern and for 14 hours non stop six drones captured this unique sight.




Geldingadalur is a young volcano located in the Reykjanes Peninsula halfway in between Keflavik International Airport and Iceland’s capital Reykjavik. This is also where the famous Blue Lagoon is. Thankfully the eruption is not likely to be a threat to wildlife or human infrastructure since this area is largely uninhabited. Here the volcanic activity is nevertheless used for practical applications of geothermal such as the Svarsgengi geothermal power plant that supplies the area with green energy.




The Geldingaladur eruption started in one crater on March 19, 2021 but since then several new craters have opened. Once again Iceland puts on a show like no other giving us an exciting opportunity to witness a spectacular natural phenomenon taking us back millions of years ago at an age when earth was created.




The April 27 show has been overseen by Björn Steinbekk, the one-of-a-kind Icelandic drone pilot whose previous footage from the eruption became a viral hit in the early days of the eruption. You can watch it here: He was the lead pilot and narrator during the whole proceedings. The bird’s eye view of the area and of the active eruption was available during this unique Slow TV event. For 14 straight hours six DJJ FPV drones captured scenic views of the volcano area from daylight till twilight and beyond.




As Björn Steinbekk said shortly before the live show: “It is difficult to put the experience of watching a volcanic eruption into words. I am hopping to be able to replicate that feeling partially for people at home around the world through this experimental broadcast. This is a spectacular natural phenomenon and a view not available to most people.”




Besides the images of the eruption the broadcast included interviews with local scientists who had interesting stories and knowledge to share with viewers. The best images of this volcanic show are now available on the personal Youtube account of Bjorn Steinbekk, “The guy with a drone”, at:

Text ©Annick Dournes

Photos ©Bjorn Steinbekk courtesy of Iceland Tourism Office