During the first 3 month lockdown in 2020 there were 352 million fewer meals eaten out due to the closure of the Hospitality industry and this figures has quite clearly expanded dramatically over the last year. What many have done over the period is rediscovered the ‘joy of cooking’ and also the ‘joy of growing’ our own food too.

Because of lockdown surveys have shown that many families and couples have also taken the advantage of more time to eat meals together instead of eating ‘on the hoof’ or alone at different times. We have also missed the opportunity of dining at home with friends in many cases,

Surveys show that on average we have spent 7 hours a week in the kitchen as opposed to 6 previously as we have extra time and we have also increased our cooking of meals from scratch, rather than buying processed meals. We have as a nation spent more time on researching different dishes and foods and experimenting at home too. There has been a reduction in meat consumption and an additional 1.8m households have purchased meat free products during the pandemic. Both home baking and also batch cooking have also risen dramtically.

Some of our top choices that we have been cooking at home during the lockdowns have been Roast Chicken,Casseroles, Spaghetti Bolognese, Sausages and Mash and the old favourite of Cottage Pie. In home baking, breads,Chocolate Chip cookies and Brownies have been some of our favourites. These changes in our habits can only be good for the health of the nation. What of course we don’t know is whether it will continue as the new normal, but we can only hope that is the case.



Growing your own food in the garden has also seen growth over the lockdowns with manufacturers seeing the purchase of seed grow dramatically. It has become one of our hobbies during the months of lockdown. The RHS has seen demand on their website double for information and top tips for growing. Let’s hope that we all continue with the hobby of growing in our gardens, which hopefully when we have the results and cut those cabbages or pull those carrots or even pick those fresh runner beans it will ensure with the taste and freshness that we do.