I love Car Boot Sales. I enjoy people watching. You can find interesting items and fantastic bargains! And you can sell your unwanted goods and make some money too.

Like a lot of Brits, we had a loft full of unused things like piles of magazines, books, clothes, wool, material, pictures, and other things that I’d forgotten about.

But we’ve just had a loft conversion, and all that storage is now three rooms. So it had to go.

We waited for weeks, surrounded by clutter stuffed into every corner and space. Was the rain ever going to stop? And when it did finally stop, the fields needed more time to dry out.

Finally the sun came out, and as often happens in the UK, we went from freezing to roasting overnight!

It was perfect Car Boot weather – or was it? We Brits are very fickle. Would the place be packed with people all suffering from Car Boot Withdrawal Symptoms, or would they all head for the coast?

It was packed. And we managed to drive home with half-empty cars, and a week’s supply of food cash! And the house is a lot tidier too!

Don’t turn your nose up at Car Boot Sales. They’re a great morning out, and great entertainment.

They start at varying times, from 6.30am-8am. And they finish at middayish.

First come the dealers. They’re always in a rush as they’re usually dashing off to another Boot Sale, or back to their shops, or home to load their purchases on Ebay.

Most of them are regulars, and trustworthy. If you’re unsure of the price to charge for something you’re selling, ask advice from about three of them and they’ll give you an honest answer.

But be careful and don’t let anyone look in your car. And watch your money at all times!

After this there’s a bit of a lull while the Public is getting out of bed. It’s time for a coffee and a sandwich, and you can tidy up your stall to make it look more attractive.

The first arrivals are often looking for something, possibly for the home. They’ll often pay more than the dealers will.

You can find almost anything you need at Boot Sales. I’ve kept little granddaughter Isabella in quality clothes since she was born. A lot of the clothes hadn’t even been worn.

A few weeks ago I bought her next size up; age 4,5 & 6. I got 9 dresses, 7 pairs of tights, 7 t-shirts, 7 pairs of shorts, 4 sweaters & tops, 1 cardigan, 1 skirt, 1 pair of jeans, 4 pairs of leggings and 2 coats, all in perfect condition and all from one stall for the grand total of £8.50!

Next, it’s showtime! They’re known as the 50p People.

I find it amusing, but sad to see all the multi-badly-tattooed people, often on Benefits,  both male and female, scarred for life, thinking they look good and fashionable.

Oh David Beckham, you have a lot to answer for!

Would you let someone tattoo their language up your arm when you can’t understand what it says?

I’m sure that some of them say, ‘I’m a gullible English Idiot.’ And he’ll probably never know!

It would be a good idea to make these people go to Economy classes, and not just give them money which they can’t manage.

Surely the Government gives them money to pay their bills?

The whole family is often eating burgers and carrying drinks, while Mum texts and then shouts to her children, who all have weird names, copied from Reality ‘Celebs.’

Whenever they stop at a stall and ask the price, they say, Ooh, I can’t afford that!

We all find them highly amusing though. They’re like a comedy series.

It’s a good idea to hang on right to the end and not pack up early as you can get some good sales from people who are late arrivals, or are on their way back to their car.

Here’s some advice for any Car Boot ‘Virgins.’

Pack a picnic, a flask and some water. For some reason, we always get hungry at Boot Sales.

Don’t waste your money by buying food.

Take some wet wipes.

Buy a couple of collapsible tables. Paste tables are popular.

Take a tablecloth. It looks neater, and you can hide boxes, etc underneath it.

Take some old carrier bags, and a float of change.

Have a bag for the money, not a tin on view.

Be early or you’ll miss a lot of the dealers.

Don’t be greedy. You’re there to sell things, so it’s better to accept a lower price and get rid of it than to take it home, or risk breakages.

On the other hand, be ruthless and stand your ground. You don’t have to take the first offer. And if they really want it, they’ll offer more, even if they walk away and return later.

I find that bulk selling is often better than splitting things up. If you have knitting yarn for sale, bag it up and sell a lot of it in one go. Sell a set of saucepans as a set.

Tidy your stall as you sell things.

Don’t be distracted. The oldest trick is for someone to talk to you while their accomplice is stealing something.

Do make friends with your neighbours. Car Boot people are a friendly lot!

Now go home and, when you’re recovered, find some more things so sell.

Do your children really want to inherit all your family heirlooms? I had a vase belonging to my Great Grandmother. It was ugly and I didn’t even know her! So it’s gone to someone who will appreciate it, and I’ve got more space in my cupboards!

Happy Booting.