Crystals are making a come back, Jane Wilson checks out why.

Crystals are making a resurgence as natural healing resources. Translucent pink chunks, wand-shaped amethyst stones, green blobs of jade – they can be spotted on bedside tables, hiding in pockets or sitting in purses of believers. Energy, clarity, healing and positivity, crystals radiate more benefits than many of us realise.


They play a higher role than bejewelling hands and necks, accessorising clothing and creating lighting effects from ceiling fixtures.  They harbour energy and bestow healing properties, spiritually and physically. And combining their force with our individual energy can assist us all in easing ailments, balancing our emotions and supporting ourselves in challenging times and situations.


Created millions of years ago, during the early part of the earth’s formation, they are electrically charged and hold electrons which enable them to become transducers, changing one energy form into another. These energies interact with the human electromagnetic field to bring about subtle energetic changes.


Each crystal comes with a unique quality and purpose. It can be a crystal maze to choose the right one, so here are a few tips to help. Firstly, identify the support you need and select the right type to help you.


Amethyst is a healing crystal and believed to keep negative vibes away

Amber is both calming and energising and good for grounding and clarity

Garnet is the stone for passion and sensuality

Jade is the prosperity stone which can help mental capabilities and improve decision making

Rose Quartz is the crystal acquainted with love and beauty. It is said to keep worries at bay and restrain resentment and jealousy.

Tourmaline boasts protective qualities


Choosing the actual piece is personal so quieten your mind, move your hands and eyes over the crystals and note which you are most drawn to. Pick it up, feel it, note your sensitivity towards it.  Your hands may feel warmer, you may feel comforted, note any form of subtle response. You will be intrinsically drawn and your reaction will be the result of both energies uniting.


Crystals are used in other ways and often crushed in masks for bespoke facials but, be warned, they come with a matching glimmering price tag! Crushed crystals can actively boost cellular energy and promote cell renewal for a more radiant complexion. They are also infused into water for skincare products. There are crystal therapists and “touch therapies” such as an holistic “Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation” for rebalancing and the release of a build-up in the mind. Do check the authenticity of specialists beforehand –

Crystals create shards of light that radiate power and support, spiritually and emotionally. Keep your crystal close at hand and in view, whenever possible. It will help to energise and ground you.