I met Hatem in the Sahara Oasis town of Kibili.

We were invited to the Date Festival there, and Hatem was translating as he speaks Arabic, French and English.

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Tunisian Tourism. What’s Gone Wrong?

He sent me his own song and I’m publishing it on B-C-ing-U! because I think it’s really good!

See below.

Hatem’s hoping to live in America, but he’s having a few visa problems.

I wish him luck.

Hatem Dhwibi, a.k.a CoOL Burn, a 28 years old male from Tunisia, Africa.
Arabic is my native language, but i write and think in english, i express myself better when am using english language. The songs i wrote are based on true stories, mostly of me. My first song entitled “Paradise of Pain”, a love song. Second song entitled “Rest in peace Dad”, about the death incident of my father which still has a bad effect on me.
And i wrote some other songs which i didn’t publish yet.
Unfortunately, i found no opportunity to be someone in my country, may be because i’m poor or may be because singing and writing in english is still not popular in my country. But i will keep chasing my dreams. 2Pac and Eminem and Bob Marley were my first inspiration. I most times lose the want to write and sing, but i will keep doing it because i love to.