sec 2By Queen-B Lyn

First, I need to apologise to a lot of our Readers – several thousands, actually! Our new Webitor, Mel, has discovered a stack of comments, dating back for months, that the previous webitor, no longer with us, hadn’t uploaded.

I often said that I was surprised that some of our articles hadn’t had a reaction, but he never let on that they had! Poor Mel has already waded through over 1,000 of them, and will sort the rest of them out very soon. Luckily they’re all under the articles that they comment on, which makes life a bit easier, and some of the articles will be re-run.

We like to have personal contact with our Readers and, as you can imagine, I’m furious about this!

And now back to Eastbourne Pier…. Give an Englishman a high-viz jacket and his whole personality changes. It’s like Jekyll and Hyde. The Brits just can’t cope with any changes to their day-to-day routine. Any slight crisis is an immediate mountain to be climbed; preferably in front of some TV cameras!

When an accident occurs on a French motorway, it’s photographed then cleared out of the way to keep the traffic flowing, which is the logical thing to do, right? Wrong!….. if it happens in the UK.

If so much as a wing mirror falls off on an English motorway, the police arrive, don their yellow jackets, and cordon off several lanes for a couple of hours while they march up and down, bossing everyone about. Ooh, and don’t even start me on the subject of snow!!!

So, what has all this got to do with Eastbourne Pier, I hear you ask, Dear Readers. Apart from the amusement arcade (see the photos in the previous articles) the pier isn’t structurally damaged at all. But it’s still taped off, with bossy officials standing on guard. Several hundred casual workers are unemployed at what is their most busy time of the year. There’s absolutely no reason why the entrance to the Pier can’t be re-opened.

There’s a café, a shop and the fish and chip shop there.

The Promenade underneath the Pier doesn’t even go under the fire-damaged part, so why can’t they re-open the walkway and the loos?

And if it had happened in the Victorian era, they would have cashed in on it at once, selling postcards of the Pier on fire, and the burnt-out skeleton that’s standing there now.

Oh, why aren’t I a millionaire, or the Prime Minister (or both)? I’d do a wonderful job of it – before someone shot me!