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From the 1,000th Hill No.3 Awesome April Autumn.



Mim, Suzy and the Easter Bunny



As the days shorten, the sun travels lower round the sky. There’s a chill in the morning air making my skin feel cool and fresh rather than hot and clammy as in the late Summer.

The sky always seems blue-er without clouds, as, here in the valley, we are preparing for the usual 6 month drought.

Sunny sky over the valley

We still get the odd stunning electric storm, but the days of torrential rain and Thor’s thunderous applause for himself are over.


Some of the trees are shedding their leaves – most just turn slightly yellow and then fall, unlike the beautiful shades of gold, orange and red as in cooler climes. The grass is still emerald green, but soon it will turn dry and cream, and the Valley cows will battle to graze.



Garden grass & trees

As the deciduous vegetation becomes barren, the succulents and African hardies come into their own. In Winter, the aloes will outshine the sunsets and the hills will be ablaze with their flames… I will show you later on. Meanwhile the last of the Summer blooms in my ‘lockdown rockery’ still make my heart smile.



Flower collage


Autumn always feels like the snail who has been surprised, and pulls in its horns !

There’s a feeling of relaxing and a great, slow, outward breath to settle into the beautiful best days of the year.


I suppose being retired now gives me the privilege of gentle reflection on days gone by.


Our Easter Puppet Shows always kept us busy.

Suzy, The Easter Bunny and her friends went to as many schools and Shopping Centres as we could fit into our busy schedule.


This was also the time for Splashy Fen Music Festival in the vast, majestic Drakensberg. A gathering of the musical clans from Folk to Rock, over the long weekend. I would sing some folk songs on the big stage, and John and I ran “Auntie Mim’s Childrens Tent” with artwork, puppet shows and clowns  – always great fun.


One year, I made a life size Easter Bunny for the kid’s amusement ( see the cover photo ) – and I pity the soul who volunteers to get in and give out the Eggs – it’s hot in there !!


Still, no matter how busy I am, this poem is always in my mind this time of year.

Our swallows started gathering in the skies overhead at the end of March, swooping and calling to each other ‘Time to go, time to go !’.

By the time Browning wrote this they were already in England.


Home thoughts from abroad by Robert Browning




I hope those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying your Springtime as much as I  am enjoying my Autumn in the Valley of 1,000 Hills.


Love, always,




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