Fracking 125 (Small)As Fracking has started again in the UK Lyn Funnell has decided to comment on the subject.

There’s a saying that ‘He who controls the water controls the world.’ This has always seemed totally impossible, but not any more! I met Ian R Crane who is touring the country, giving talks, completely free of charge, about Fracking and the terrible damage that it causes. Ian was employed for 20 years in the oilfield business until he gave up a very well-paid job in disgust. So he knows what he’s talking about! He’s now surviving on his savings and donations as he feels so strongly about the subject.

Let’s be honest, I didn’t understand all the technicalities, but I DID understand the unacceptable devastation that Fracking is causing in other countries. Cuadrilla has already drilled a well in Priesthall, near Blackpool. They Fracked into a faultline, causing around 90 seismic events. They were mainly small, but there were two big ones that damaged 80 properties. Tiles fell off the walls, ceilings collapsed, and much more. Not surprisingly, Cuadrilla didn’t admit responsibility. They said that it was ‘Most probably caused by them.’ Property in the area has dropped in value by as much as 70% – that’s if the owners can sell them! There is now no insurance to cover Fracking damage.

Look at the photo of a well, lit up. They operate 24/7. The noise, light and vibration are a nightmare for anyone living nearby. Now look at the UK map. Everything in Fracking 108 (Small)brown is already ‘Licenced to Drill,’ and everything in green will be considered. Guess where David Cameron and his gang live on the map? In the white bits!! So there could potentially be around 30,000 wells in the UK in a short time. There would be 6-8 per square mile. Imagine the increase in traffic with 3,000 truck movements per well! The local road network just couldn’t handle it.

Back to the water:

72 million gallons of fresh water per square mile is needed to start a well! After that, it needs to be disposed of as it can’t be recycled. It’s too polluted. In fact, it’s radioactive. And the Government’s reaction to what they’re going to do with all this poisonous water? ‘We’re working on it.’ At the moment the plan is to store it in double-skin tanks until they work out what to do with it.

Some communities in Western Texas haven’t had water out of their taps for a year. The gas business takes it all. So they deliver bottled water and act as though they’re doing the locals a favour!

There are links between Fracking and sickness in farm animals. The water, air and soil are all being polluted. France has banned Fracking and various Companies are taking them to Court.

The German beer industry is totally against it as they rely on good-quality fresh water.

Northern Ireland protested big-time, and won.

Balcombe hit the world news due to all the protesting against Cuadrilla drilling to investigate the possibility of Fracking in this picturesque Sussex village.

For some strange reason, hundreds of police were sent there, to protect the country against the peaceful protestors, who were bullied, roughly treated and randomly arrested.

Most of them were let off as there was no case to answer to. What a waste of public money!

Meanwhile, we’re supposed to be very short of police in this country due to cutbacks, so who was catching the real criminals while this was going on?

The good news is, Cuadrilla ran out of time, so they had to re-submit their Planning Application.

889 people voted Against, and only 9 were Pro.


The Locals applied to the High Court who decided that West Sussex County Council had acted illegally.

Personally, I think they should investigate some of their bank accounts. It’s not just the potentially polluted water that stinks!