– ‘Operation Moonshot’ And The Implementation Of The ‘Global Police State’ Are Now Fully Underway

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

While all of the evidence indicates that Democrats/globalists are working to unveil a ‘global police state’ with Covid-19 the ‘vector’ for its unveiling as Brandon Smith warns in this important new story over at, the more than 390 million guns owned by law-abiding Americans, (with more guns in America than people!), hint why it’ll probably get very ugly in America before they can accomplish their tyrannical goals of completely transforming our nation into just another ‘cog’ in their ‘wheel of tyranny’.

With the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution created by America’s Founding Fathers, not for hunting but as an insurance for the American people against our nation fallen completely into tyranny, the fact that most other Western nations are now falling to ‘medical tyranny’ is of great concern, especially considering the implications.

As Skywatch TV reports in this new story, in a move right out of George Orwell’s “1984”New Zealand has announced it would put all COVID-19 patients into mandatory quarantine camps. Warning within their story that the Prime Minister of New Zealand has said “each and every activity will be monitored in these camps and those that refuse to be tested would be forced to stay in the camps for a longer duration”, their story also asked of mandatory Covid-19 quarantine camps: “American next?”

And we learn of all of these tyrannical moves being made by Western nations in the name of ‘security’ at the same time as the UK has announced “Operation Moonshot” and their bid to test EVERY resident of the UK within a week’s period of time, a massive undertaking that will cost the nation over 100 million pounds (over 128 million in US dollars!)

And Susan Duclos was just recently sent an alarming email from a friend of hers and ANP reader who lives in the UK and who warns us that nothing less than ‘germ warfare’ is going on there as illegal immigrants from across the world are rushed in and provided for while homeless Veterans are sleeping on UK streets.

Hi Susan, even the sheeple are getting worried because even though the general stats for the virus are right down, they’ve stepped up the lockdown – & they’re putting Marshalls on the streets! 

We’re being inundated with Muslim illegal immigrants aged 18-35 travelling across the channel from France & the Government aren’t doing anything about it. They’re being put up in 4-star hotels with 3 meals a day , translators, £40 a week & mobile phones, while homeless ex-soldiers are sleeping on the streets with no help. And now covid-infected immigrants are arriving, which I said would happen. It’s germ warfare. 

Some cities are on lockdown in Asian areas because they’ve completely ignored lockdown all the time. 

A few weeks ago hundreds of Jamaican had a rave on a Sussex beach, illegally parked, openly taking drugs, deafening music all night, etc & beat up 4 police. I wonder what the Marshalls would do then?! 

Yes, it’s what we’ve all been afraid of for years; complete control of us all.

With 5 police officers in Australia recently swarming 2 elderly women who were sitting on a park bench without their ‘tyranny masks’ on showing this is ‘medical police state unveiling’ is happening not only in New Zealand, the UK, Canada and the US but most ‘Western nations’, as this Alt-Market story warns, we’ve seen this story unfolding far too many times before throughout history. From Brandon Smith’s story before we continue.:

There is always an excuse for the enforcement of totalitarian restrictions on the public. There is always a reason. And, often these reasons are engineered to sound logical and practical at the time. 

In Germany after WWI and into the early 1930s Bolshevik activists and the German Communist Party (KPD) engaged in aggressive economic sabotage, street violence and even assassinations. This along with the Great Depression led to German middle class support for the National Socialist Party and the Third Reich (fascism). Much of history’s focus is on the horrors of the Nazis, but many people are unaware of the extreme threat of communist revolution in Europe during this era, a threat which was used by the Nazis as a perfect rationale for constructing a police state. Arguably, without the existence of hardline communism, the fascists never would have had the public support needed to rise to power. 

In Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution, the Cheka secret police were established in the name of preventing “counter-revolution”. This is an interesting aspect common to communism in particular; they desperately cling to the narrative that THEY are the “revolutionaries”, even when they have all the power. Thus, the revolution never ends because there are always people who disagree with communism. Anyone who refuses to comply with Marxist mandates becomes an imperialist enemy and bogeyman, and is held up as an example of why the revolution must perpetually continue. The police state must exist forever to root out the evil classists lurking in the shadows. 

During the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak, a virus with a much higher death rate among younger Americans compared to today’s coronavirus, major US cities such as New Orleans instituted martial law measures and lockdowns on the economy; closing schools, churches, public transportation, and places of leisure. Of course, despite claims in the wake of Covid, these measures did little to nothing to stop the spread of the virus and the public became frustrated with their inability to function in the day-to-day economy (sound familiar). The population began to rebel against restrictions that were leading to financial decay, and there was little governments could do about it.

So with the system that most of us grew up in crumbling before our very eyes due to Covid-19 lockdowns while the global police state swiftly rises, as Smith’s story warns and concludes, all totalitarian systems need the support of the majority of the public to function, with ‘the masses’ being led to believe that they MUST lose their ‘liberty’ for their ‘security’.

The problem for the establishment will be this: How can they keep the tyranny going once they have it? Ultimately, for a totalitarian system to work it NEEDS a large portion of the public to support it on principle. The public has to believe that the loss of their liberties is necessary to their survival for the long term.

In terms of the pandemic response, a police state is already being established in many nations, and with most Western people’s predominantly disarmed there is little chance they will be able to resist the crackdown that will ensue as they try to protest the restrictions. But what about in America? 

This is why it does not surprise me that the BLM riots are being encouraged so openly in the US. Look at it this way: If the elites cannot get us to go along with medical tyranny for fear of sparking an armed uprising from conservatives with actual training and ability, then they figure maybe they can trick us into supporting martial law in the name of defeating the political left. 

The only solution is to refuse to support either option. We must repel the establishment of medical tyranny and stand against any overstep of state and federal governments against the constitution when it comes to protests. Riots and looting can be dealt with, and dealt with within the confines of the Bill of Rights. Also, once again I would point out that in almost every place where armed citizens organize and take up security measures in their communities the protests remain peaceful, or they don’t happen at all. 

There is no legitimate excuse for a police state. There is always another way. Anyone that tells you different has an agenda of their own.

According to this new story over at the American Conservative titled “COVID Dystopia Comes To Melbourne”, the recent viral and very public arrest of a pregnant woman (who is now facing 15 years in prison!) shows how badly Australia has already succumbed to public health tyranny not even a full year into the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’.

Warning within their story that the image of Zoe Lee Buhler being arrested that shocked Australia, a pregnant woman handcuffed in her own kitchen and in front of her children for a facebook post, was the kind of treatment Australians were used to seeing being handed out to drug traffickers, suspected terrorists and child pornography rings, as the American Conservative story reports, her ‘crime’ was merely trying to organize a protest against coronavirus restrictions in place in the state of Victoria.

With Buhler now being charged with ‘incitement’ and facing up to 15 years in prison for that facebook post, as their story concludes, what happened to Zoe Lee Buhler “is a cautionary tale, and then some. For the sake of a nasty strain of viral pneumonia, Victorians eagerly cashed in their freedoms for the promise of safety. In so doing, we have turned one of the greatest cities in the world to a dystopian hellscape with no end in sight.

And with America quite potentially now facing that same ‘hellscape’ as democrats/globalists continue to ‘weaponize’ the fear of this virus against the American people, and that fear creating Americans who are more than happy to attack other Americans for things as simple as not wearing a mask, we should all be paying very close attention to what unfolds in the days/weeks/months ahead.

With ‘Operation Moonshot’ now unfolding in the UK‘free people’ being locked up in mandatory quarantine camps in New Zealandelderly woman being harassed and innocent pregnant mothers being arrested in Australia merely for a Facebook post and now, “‘COVID-19 FEMA Camps’ Popping Up From Sea To Shining Sea As ‘Forced Isolation Facilities’ Become ‘The New Norm’ In America”,  as we’d warned within that September 6th ANP story, “This is the battle we have been waiting for; the battle is not of flesh and blood”.

With this previously mentioned story at The Sun reporting that with ‘Operation Moonshot’, the British people who test negative for Covid-19 will then be given a ‘freedom pass’ to ‘allow them’ to resume so-called ‘normal activities’, as we’d warned on ANP all the way back on February 16th, even back then we had numerous signs that globalists/democrats were pushing for ‘medical martial law’ in America with the US military & the Center for Disease Control actively preparing for the ultimate ‘black swan event’.

And with the very real possibility that the “democrat/globalist/China apparatus” have “unleashed this virus upon America” to both take down President Trump and America and bring in their ‘totalitarian new world order police state’, Americans should keep arming up now and stocking up on ammo while we still can to protect our families from the terror being unleashed upon our nation with Democrats/Joe Biden pushing to do away with the 2nd Amendment and tyranny being unveiled upon American shores.